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Is there way to export iis website to another iis instance?

Asked by Royal Ashley on Dec 05, 2021 Website construction guide

Not to mention Application Pools, which are often a pain to configure properly. Luckily enough, starting from IIS7+, there’s a nice command-line utility called appcmd who can effectively export the entire IIS websites & app pools configuration in xml format and also import these same xml into another IIS instance. Let’s see how we can do this.
In fact,
When using multiple IIS server in a Load Balanced Environment it will be alot of work to create all your website twice with the same settings on each webserver. Therefor it is possible to export and import your configuration from one webserver to the other.
Also Know, I'd say export your server config in IIS manager: In IIS manager, click the Server node Go to Shared Configuration under "Management" Click “Export Configuration”. (You can use a password if you are sending them across the internet, if you are just gonna move them via a USB key then don't sweat it.) Move these files to your new server
The same IIS version has to be used on both servers. If any application pool is run not from the integrated accounts, they have to be available on another server as well. Before recovery, you should export and migrate all current certificates to the new server.
Just so,
Import the Application Pools. Copy the apppools.xml file to your target webserver and run the following command: Each and every Application Pool mentioned in the xml file will be created on your target IIS instance. Export the Websites. Right after the App Pools you can copy your website configuration.