Node .js tutorial

May 10, 2021 17:00 Node.js

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Node .js tutorial

Node .js tutorial

Node .js is JavaScript that runs on the service side.

Node .js is a platform built on the Chrome JavaScript runtime.

Node .js an event-driven I/O service-side JavaScript environment, based on Google's V8 engine, which performs Javascript very quickly and performs very well.

Node .js for people

For front-end programmers who don't use dynamic programming languages such as Python, PHP, and Java, it's wise to choose .js as a tool to create their own services.

Node .js is JavaScript running on the service side, so familiarity with Javascript usage will help you learn how .js.

At the same time, learning .js tutorial can also help back-end programmers deploy some high-performance services.

You need to know before you take this tutorial

Before you move on to this tutorial, you should understand some basic computer programming terminology. I f you've studied Programming languages like Javascript, PHP, Java, etc., it will help you understand .js faster.

The first Node .js: Hello World!

Script mode

Here's our first .js program:

console.log("Hello World");

Save the file, named helloworld.js and execute it with the node command:

node helloworld.js

After the program is executed, hello World is output at the terminal.

Interactive mode

Open the terminal, type node into command interaction mode, you can enter a code statement immediately after the execution and display the results, such as:

$ node
> console.log('Hello World!');
Hello World!

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