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How to find a random website on random website?

Asked by Odin Cortez on Dec 10, 2021 Website construction guide

Find a random website on ! Welcome on ! Here, you will be able to access any online site by a simple click on the big button on the homepage of the site.
DiggBar: Digg's software-free toolbar has a large, orange random button, which as you might guess, takes you to a random page. Where Digg differs from some of the other services on this list though, is that all stories or sites it takes you to have been featured on the front page of
Accordingly, The web being what it is, it naturally cannot control all its contents. thus asks to be more than 18 years old and recommends the use of protections such as the use of a VPN or the deactivation of javascript, although it is not compulsory (free to you to follow our recommendations).
Also Know,
Another Useless Website guide. You just need to click on the useless web button and it will take you somewhere useless. There are other options out there, like theuselessweb, or theuselesswebindex, boredbutton, pointless sites, weird websites.
In respect to this,
In reality, there are a number of good reasons why random fortunes can be better than websites and lists. For example, long lists of fortunes can get overwhelming and all of them begin to blur into the others.