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WWW Guide to Web Construction - World Wide Web

May 27, 2021 Website construction guide

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WWW Guide - World Wide Web

WWW Guide to Web Construction - World Wide Web

WWW - World Wide Web Alliance

WWW is often referred to as a network.

The web is a computer network around the world.

Computers communicate in standard languages on the Web.

The World Wide Web Alliance (W3C) has developed Web standards

What is WWW?

  • WWW stands for World Wide Web (World Wide Web).
  • The World Wide Web is often referred to as the Network
  • A network is a computer network around the world
  • All computers in the network can communicate with each other
  • All computers use HTTP's communication standards

How does the World Wide Web work?

  • The file in which the information is stored is called a Web page
  • Web pages are stored on the Web server.
  • Computers that read Web pages are called Web clients
  • A Web client's program for viewing Web pages is called a Web browser
  • The browsers are Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

How does my browser get web pages?

  • A browser requests web page data from a server
  • Standard HTTP requests contain a web address
  • Web address instance:

How does the browser display the page?

  • All pages contain instructions on how to display them
  • The browser displays the page by reading these instructions.
  • The most common display instructions are called HTML tags
  • The labels for paragraphs in HTML are:
  • In HTML, a paragraph is defined as follows: "This is a paragraph." </p>

Who's doing Web standards?

  • Web standards are not what Google or Microsoft are doing
  • The organization that rules the Web is W3C
  • W3C represents the World Wide Web Alliance
  • Web standard specifications developed by W3C.
  • The most important Web standards are HTML, CSS, and XML