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Website construction guide

May 27, 2021 Website construction guide

Table of contents

Website construction guide

What must a site developer know?

  • HTML and CSS
  • Client Script - JavaScript and the DOM
  • Service-side scripts - ASP, PHP
  • XML and SQL

A list of guides

WWW - World Wide Web
A web site is a network that computers around the world can connect to. How does he work?

HTML - WEB tag language.
HTML is a microblogging language. I t uses Tags to define the content of a Web page.

CSS - Cascade style sheets
Style sheets define how HTML elements are displayed.

JavaScript - Client Script
JavaScript is used for client scripting. Client scripting refers to web browser programming.

XML - Extended tag language
XML is not a substitute for HTML. XML is used to describe and transfer data, while HTML is used to display data.

PHP and ASP - Server-side scripting
Server-side scripting refers to server-side programming.

SQL - Structured query language
Structured query languages (SQL) are common criteria for accessing databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and Access.

The web creates the design
Describes the design of the website and the development tools that are needed.

Web standards
About Web Standards and the World Wide Web Alliance.

Web site verification
This section will cover validation of HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, and WMP page standards.

Web semantics
This section will cover the semantics of the Web

Web vocabulary
This is an alphabetical Internet vocabulary.

Web search engine optimization
About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)