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Web search engine optimization for website construction

May 27, 2021 Website construction guide

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever used a search engine? Do you know which major search engines are available today?

This article lists the most popular search engines of the day.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a site's ranking (visibility) in search engines. If a website can have a good ranking in search engines, it will help the site get more traffic.

SEO mainly studies how search engines work, who searches, and what search keywords are entered). O ptimize a website that may involve editing content and increase the relevance of keywords. Promoting a website can increase the number of external chains on the site

Search engine optimization requires modifying the HTML source code and site content of a website. Search engine optimization strategy should be incorporated into the development of the website before the construction of the website, especially the menu and navigation structure of the website.

In general terms, all those who use cheating or suspicious means can be called black hat SEO. For example, junk links, hidden web pages, bridge pages, keyword stacking and so on.

Black Hat seo means cheating, Black Hat seo method does not comply with the mainstream search engine distribution policy. B lack Hat SEO profit is mainly characterized by short flat, for the short-term interests of the use of cheating methods. At the same time, at any time because of the search engine algorithm changes and face punishment.

Neither white hat seo nor black hat seo has a precise definition. I n general, all those who use cheating or some suspicious means can be called black hat SEO. For example, hidden web pages, keyword stacking, spam links, bridge pages, and so on.

Submit a site to a search engine

At present, most search engines provide the submission junction of the website, we can submit the site through the portal they provide, so that the search engine can crawl the website's data in a timely manner.

Typically, you'll need to enter the full URL of the website, including http:// prefix.

Example: //

All you need to do is submit your site home page to the search engine, which will find additional pages based on the links associated with your site page.

You can also add descriptions and keywords to your page, but don't expect them to affect your site's ranking.

The search engine index is updated regularly. If your site has been modified or the page has been deleted, the search engine periodically revises and cleans it up.

Not all links appear in search engines.