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How to login to website using python requests?

Asked by Karter Salazar on Dec 10, 2021 Website construction guide

I'm trying to login to using requests to scrape data. I'm a python beginner and I have done mostly tutorials, and some web scraping on my own with BeautifulSoup. I understand I should be using the method post, and sending userName and password
Python requests reading a web page. The get () method issues a GET request; it fetches documents identified by the given URL. #!/usr/bin/env python3 import requests as req resp = req.get ("") print (resp.text) The script grabs the content of the web page.
Also, with requests.Session() as session: post =, data=payload) r = session.get(REQUEST-URL) print(r.text) We’ll use a with statement to open the request Pythonically. Line 2 POSTS the data to the login URL we noted down earlier. It requires data to be specified, in which case we pass it the payload dict we created.
To achieve this authentication, typically one provides authentication data through Authorization header or a custom header defined by server. Replace “user” and “pass” with your username and password. It will authenticate the request and return a response 200 or else it will return error 403.
Logging Into Websites With Python The login feature is an important functionality in today’s web applications. This feature helps keep special content from non-users of the site and is also used to identify premium users too.