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CSS guide to website construction

May 27, 2021 Website construction guide

Table of contents

CSS guide

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

CSS defines how HTML elements are displayed.

CSS describes the visual style (appearance, layout, color, font) of HTML elements.

CSS is a separately designed file (which greatly increases HTML flexibility and reduces HTML complexity).

CSS is easy to learn. You can use an HTML element as a selector and list style properties in braces

CSS instance

font-family:"Times New Roman";

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Style sheets greatly increase productivity

Style sheets define how HTML elements, such as font labels and color properties in HTML 3.2 styles, are typically saved in external .css files.

By editing just one simple CSS document, an external style sheet gives you the ability to change the appearance of all page layouts in your site at the same time.

By allowing simultaneous control of the style and layout of multiple pages, CSS can be described as a breakthrough in WEB design. A s a web developer, you can define styles for each HTML element and apply it to as many pages as you want. For a global transformation, simply change the style, and then all the elements in the site are automatically updated.

Another CSS instance

How do I learn CSS?

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