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Web site building W3C vocabulary and glossary

May 27, 2021 Website construction guide

Table of contents

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W3C vocabulary and glossary

A word that begins with the A letter

English Chinese
abstract module Abstract modules
access Access, access
access control Access control
access control information Access control information
access mechanism Access mechanism
access rights Access rights
accessibility Accessibility
accessibility information Accessible web information
accessibility problem Accessibility web issues
accessible Barrier-free
accessible authoring practice Barrier-free creative practice
acquired infoset Get an information set
ACSS (Audio cascading style sheets) ACSS (Audio Class Style Sheet)
activate Enable
active grammar The law in use
active perceivable unit The visual unit in use
activity Activities
actor Role
adaptation Adapt and adjust
adaptation preferences Fit preference settings
additional characters Additional characters
advisory board Consult the Standing Committee
advisory committee Advisory Committee
age Life
agent Agent
aggregated authored units Integrated authoring units
aggregation Integration
alert Warning (signal)
alpha alpha
alpha compaction alpha compression, transparency
alpha separation alpha color between colors
alpha table Alpha table
alternative information Alternative information
amaya amaya
ancestor Ancestors, predecessors node
anchor Anchor point
ancillary chunk Auxiliary blocks/blocks
animation Animation
annotation Comments
anonymity Anonymity
antecedent Premise
Apache Apache
Applet applet (app apple)
application Applications, apps
application personalization Application personalization
application programming interface (API), conventional input/output/device API Application programming interface (API), universal input/output/device API
arc Arc
architecture Architecture
argument Parameters
artifact Object
Asr Automatic speech recognition
assertion Assertion
assistive technology Assistive technology
asynchronous Non-synchronized
asynchronous exchange Non-synchronous switching
at user option The user can choose
atomic Atomic
atomic test Atomic testing
attribute Property
attribute name The name of the property
attribute specifications Property specification
attribute value The property value
attribute, or CC/PP attribute CC/PP properties
attribute-list declarations The list of properties is declared
audio Audio, audio
audio description Audio description
audio track Track
audio-only presentation Audio-only presentation
audit guard Audit protection mechanism
auditory description Auditory description
authentication Authentication
author Author
author styles Author style
authored unit Authoring unit
authoring Creation
authoring tool Authoring tools
authorization Authorized
axis The base axis

A word that begins with the letter B

English Chinese
back link Returns a link/link
background image interference Background image interference
backward compatible Down compatible
base text The underlying text
baseline Baseline
basic readability Basic readability
binding Binding, Bikots
binding expression The binding expression
bit depth Color depth
black box Black box
bopomofo Note onics
Bot Automatic agent
bounding box Boundary box, area box
box Box
braille Dots
bridge The bridge
browser Browser
button Button
byte Bits
byte order Bit metagroup order

A word that begins with the letter C

English Chinese
cache Take it quickly
cacheable It's quick to pick
Candidate Recommendation (CR) Candidate Recommendation Standard (CR)
capability Performance
captions Subtitles
card Cards, cards
cascading style sheets (CSS) Class Style Sheets (CSS)
catch element Catch element
CC/PP processor CC/PP processor
CC/PP repository CC/PP repository
CDATa sections CDATa segment
Cern European Institute of Particle Physics
certification Certification, credentials
chair Chair, Chairman (of the Group).
chairman Madam president
channel Channel
character The word meta
character data Word meta-information
character data (CDATa ) Word Meta-Information (CDATa)
character encoding Word coding
character or expression depth The depth of the word or expression
character or expression height The height of the word or expression
character or expression width The width of a word or expression
character reference The meta-reference
check for Check
child Child (element)
child Child (node)
choice Choose
choreography (Webservice) orchestration
chromaticity (CIE) Chromity (CIE)
chunk Blocks, blocks
class Category
class definition The category definition
class description The category description
class name The name of the category
class of products Product category
click-stream Click Stream, Click Stream
client Client
collapse Folding
collated text transcript Record in sequence, verbat few words
colour type Color type, color type
comm Communications, communications
comments Comments, annotations
complete Complete
complex ruby markup Miscellaneous side note markers
compliance Consistency
component Component
composite (verb) Combination, combination
computed expression The calculated expression
concept Concept
condition Conditions
conditional content Conditional content
conditional sections Conditional segment
confidentiality Confidentiality
confidentiality Confidentiality, confidentiality
configuration Configuration
configure, control Configuration, control
conformance Consistency
conformance clause Consistency clauses
conformance level The consistency level
conformance testing Consistency testing
conforming document Consistency files
connection (Network) connection
consequent Conclusions and results
consistent consistent
constraint Limit
contained (element a is contained in B) Included in (Element A contained in Element B)
container (Constructor) Containers (constructors)
containing document The container file
content Content
content developer Content developers
content elements The content element
content generation Content generation
content model The content model
content negotiation Content negotiation
content provider The content vendor
content selection Content selection
content set The content set
content token element The content marker element
context (of a given mathML expression) (given the mathML expression) context, taken
context node Context node, take-out node
context position The context location, the take-out location
context size Context size, take-out size
contradictory behaviors Contradictory behavior
control Control
control item Control the project
convenience Convenient
conversation Session
conversion tool The conversion tool
COO Chief Operating Officer and Chief Operating Officer
cookie cookie
correct That's right
credentials Credentials, credentials
critical chunk Critical blocks/blocks
CSS (Cascading style sheets) CSS (Class Style Sheet)
CSS W3C cascading style sheet specification CSS W3C class style sheet specification
cyberspace Cyberspace, Internet space
cyc cyc (Knowledge Represents Project)

A word that begins with the letter D

English Chinese
daemon A stand-alone background program
data category The type of information
data element Data elements
data model Data model
data resource Information resources
data schema Information outline
data set A collection of information
data structure Data structure
data -valued property The data type attribute
database Library
datastream Data flow
datatype The type of information
datatype property The data type attribute
date space Outline station chronicle area
decideable Can be determined
declaration Declared
declared declared
decomposition Decomposition
deepest Deepest
default Default
default namespace Preset namespace
deferred request authentication Defer request validation
defining required attributes Define the necessary properties
defining the type of attribute values Define the type of property value
deflate deflate (a compression algorithm)
delivered image Transfer the finished image
delivery context Transfer context, transfer meaning
delivery policy Transfer policy
delivery unit The transfer unit
deprecated Deprecated
deprecated feature Deprecated features
depth Depth
dereference a URI Revisit the URI
descendant The child node
descendants The child node
device Equipment
device independent Device-independent
device-independence The device is irrelevant
dialog Dialogue
digital rights management Digital/digital copyright management
digital signature Digital signature, digital signature
dimensions of variability (DoV) Variation Dimensional (DoV)
direct sub-expression (of a mathML expression of) a direct subexpression (of a mathML expression).
directly contained (element a in B) (a) Directly included in (B)
director Leader, director
discovery Explore
discovery service Explore the service
discretionary choices Choose any
discretionary item Any item
document File
document character set The file word metaset
document content, structure, and presentation File content, structure, expression
document entity The file entity
document language The file language
document model The file model
document object model File object model
document object, document File objects, documents
document order The order of the files
document profile File settings file
document source, text source File source, text source
document style semantics and specification language (DSSSL) File Style Semantic and Canoned Language (DSSSL)
document tree File tree
document type The file type
document type declaration File type announcement
document type definition (DTD) File Type Definition (DTD)
documentation Reference file
DOM (Document object model) DOM (File Object Model)
DOM (Document object model, see DOM (File Object Model)
DOM level 0 DOM level 0
domain The domain
domain name The domain name of the network
driver Drive program
Dtd Dtd
Dtd Document Type Definition (DTD)
DTD-determined ID The DTD determines the ID
DTMF (Dual tone multi-Frequency) DTMF (two-tone multi-frequency)
dublin core Dublin Core
dynamic content Dynamic content
dynamic HTML (DHTML) Dynamic HTML (DHTML)

A word that begins with the letter E

English Chinese
early normalization Normalize early
ease of parsing and serializing: Simplification of profiling and serialization
EBT (Electronic book technology) E-book technology
eCMAScript eCMAScript
EDI (Electronic data interchange) EDI (Electronic Data Exchange)
editing view Edit the reading
electronic data interchange (EDI) Electronic Data Exchange (EDI)
element Elements
element content The contents of the element
element name The name of the element
element type The element type
element type declaration Element type declaration
element, element type Element, element type
elements Elements
embed Embedded
embedded object Embedded objects
Embedded Web request Embedded web requests
embellished operator Retouch the operator
empty Empty
empty-element tag EMPTY ELEMENT
enabled element, disabled element The element that is enabled, the element that is deactived
encryption Encryption
end point End
end-tag End the sign
ending resource End the resource
enquire Enquire (program name)
entail Derivation
entities Entity
entity Entity
entity reference Entity reference
enumerated attributes Enumerated properties, enumerated properties
episode Plot
equable practice equivalent practice
equivalent Equivalent
equivalent (for content) (content) equivalent
error Error
error correction Error fix
error recovery Bug fix
escape Escape
event Event
events and scripting, event handler, event type Events and scripts, event processors, event types
executable content Executable content
expanded name The extension/expansion name
expanded-name The extension/expansion name
explicit expiration time The explicit expiration time
explicit user request Explicit user request
Explicit Web request Explicit web requests
explicitly undefined behaviors Explicitly undefined behavior
extended language Extended language
extended link Extend the link/chain
extended links Extend the link/chain
extending pre-defined elements Extend predefined elements
extensible Extensable
extensible markup language (XML) Extensable Markup Language (XML)
extensible style language (XSL) Extensable Style Language (XSL)
extension Expand
extensional Extended
external External
external entity External entities
external markup declaration External tag announcement
externally-determined ID The ID can be determined externally

A word that begins with the letter F

English Chinese
facet Facets
facilities Facilities
fatal error Fatal error
feature Features, features, functions
fellow Researchers
fences Brackets
FIa (Form interpretation algorithm) FIa (Table Interpretation Algorithm)
filter Filter
filtering Filter
first node rule The first node rule
first-hand First-hand
flexible authoring Flexible creation
focus of attention Focus
focus, content focus, user interface focus, current focus Focus, content focus, user interface focus, current focus
following element The successor element
font Font
for compatibility For compatibility
for interoperability In order to interoperability
form Form
form control Table control
form item Table items
form item variable The form item variable
formal Formal
fragment identifier Fragment identifier
fragmentation Fragments
frame buffer Box buffer
fresh Not expired
freshness lifetime Validity
Ftf Face
functional adaptation The function is suitable
functional user experience feature user experience

A word that begins with the letter G

English Chinese
gamma gamma
gateway Gate
general entities A common entity
generic identifier Universal identifier
GIF (Graphics interchange format) GIF (graphics exchange format)
GILC (Global internet liberty campaign) GILC (Global Internet Liberalization Campaign)
glossary of terms for device independence Device-independent glossary
glyph Glyph
good practice Excellent practice
graphical Graphic
graphics Graphics
greyscale Grayscaness, gray scale
group ruby Group side note

A word that begins with the letter H

English Chinese
harmonized adaptation Coordinate adaptation
harmonized user experience Coordinate the user experience
height Height
heuristic expiration time Heuristic expiration time
highlight Highlights
hint Tips
hiragana Hiragana
host Host
host Organizer
host language The main language
host page Main page, home page
Html Html
HTML (Hypertext markup language) HTML (hyper-text tag language)
HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) HTTP (Hyper text transfer protocol)
HTTP client HTTP client
HTTP gateway HTTP gate
HTTP payload entity HTTP load entity
HTTP proxy HTTP agent
HTTP representation HTTP
HTTP request HTTP request
HTTP response HTTP response
HTTP server HTTP server
hybrid document Chelation of documents
hyperlink Hyperlinks/chains
hypermedia Hyper-media
hypertext Hypertext

A word that begins with the letter I

English Chinese
idempotent Identical
identical Equivalent
identified data The identified information
identifier The identifier
ideograph Esoic text (e.g. block words)
iff When and only if, if only
image Images, graphics
image data Image information
image map Image map
implementation Realize and do it
implementation conformance statement (ICS) Implementing a Declaration of Consistency (ICS)
implementation platform Implement the platform
Implicit Web request Implicit web requests
important important
imports closure Transfer into the closure
inbound Inflow
inbound/outbound Inflow/outflow
include location Contains the location
include parent Contains parent (project)
included Contained
included items The item that is included
inclusion target Contains the target
inconsistent Inconsistent
independent web A stand-alone web page
index Index
indexed-colour Index color
indexical Indexed
indexing Index
indirectly contained Indirectly included
individual Individual
individual-valued property Individual value attributes
infer Reasoning
inform Notice
information resource Information resources
information set Information set
information space Information space
informative Reference
informative text Reference text
initial SOAP sender The initial SOAP sender
input configuration Enter the configuration
input item Enter the item
input modalities Enter the modal
INRIa (Institut national de recherche en infomatique et automatique) INRIa (National Institute of Information and Automation, France)
instance Instance
instance data Example information
instance data node The instance data node
instance of The instance (of the category).
instance of mathML An instance of mathML
instantiate Example
integrity Integrity
intensional Intension
interaction Interaction, interaction
interactive element, non-interactive element Interactive elements, non-interactive elements
interlaced PNG image Staggered PNG images
internal Internal
internal entity The internal entity
internationalized resource identifier Internationalized resource identifier
internet Internet, Internet
interoperability Interoperability
interpretation Explain and understand
intranet Intranet
intrinsic dimensions Inherent dimensions
inverse function Anti-function
IP (Internet protocol) IP (Internet Protocol)
IPR (Intellectual property rights) IPR (Intellectual Property)
Irc IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
IRI reference IRI reference
ISO (International standards organization) ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
ISP (Internet service provider) ISP (Internet Service Provider)

A word that begins with the letter J

English Chinese
Java java (program language)
jigsaw jigsaw (server)
JPEG (Joint photographic experts group) JPEG (Joint Image Expert Group): An image encoding format
JSGF JSGF (Java API Speech Grammar Format)

A word that begins with the letter K

English Chinese
kana The pseudonym
kanji Japanese characters
katakana (Japanese alphabet) tablet pseudonym
keio university Qingying University (Japan)
key Keys, keys, keys
key binding Key binding
key location Key location
key management Key management
key name The key name
key validation Key authentication

A word that begins with the L letter

English Chinese
lambda expression Lambda expression
language binding Language binding
language identifier Language identifier
late normalization Defer normalization
layout schema (plural: schemata ) The outline of the Bureau
LCS (Laboratory for computer science) LCS (Computer Science Laboratory)
LEAD (Live early adoption and demonstration) LEAD (Early Use and Demonstration Policy)
level level, layer
lexical space The synth space
libwww libwww (WWW Related Program Module Library)
line-mode (Command) line mode
line-mode browser (Command) line mode browser
linearized table Linearized tables
link Link/chain
link text Link/chain description text
linkbases Link/chain library
linking element Link/chain elements
list List
literal Literal
literal entity value Literal solid value
live In use
local name The local name
local part The local section
local resource Local resources
logic Logic
longfellow Longfellow (24-wire connector for W3C conference calls)
loose coupling Scatter coupling
lossless compression Lossless compression
lossy compression Lossy compression
luminance Brightness
LZ77 LZ77 (data compression algorithm)

A word that begins with the M letter

English Chinese
machine understandable The machine is understandable
manageable service Manageable services
management Management
management capability Management capabilities
management interface The management interface
management policy Management policies
management semantics Semantics in management
Manifestation Symptoms
MARC record MARC records (machine-readable catalog records)
markup Mark
markup declaration Mark the announcement
markup language The markup language
markup model Mark the model
match The
mathematical markup language (MathML) Mathematical Markup Language (MathML)
mathML element MathML element
mathML expression (within some valid mathML MathML expression
may OK
media type The type of media
member Member
menu Menu
message Message
message correlation Message relevance
message exchange pattern (MEP) Message Exchange Mode (MEP)
message receiver The recipient of the message
message reliability Information reliability
message sender The sender of the message
message transport Messaging
meta - A (prefix that means a thing applies to itself)
metadata Metadata
metaphysical shape up
micropayments Micropayments, small payments
minimal constraint, principle of The principle of minimum constraint
MIT (Massachusetts institute of technology) MIT (MIT)
mixed content The content of the mess
mixed initiative Cheling drive
modality Modality
model binding expression Model binding expression
model item The model project
model item property Model project properties
model theory Model theory
modularization Modular
modularization model Modular model
module Module
monoruby Single side note
monotonic monotonous
mosaic mosaic (the first web browser to appear on the Internet)
multi-purpose internet mail extensions (MIME) Multi-purpose Internet Mail Expansion (MIME)
multiple authoring Diversified creation
must Have to
mystic mystic (6-wire connector for W3C conference calls)

A word that begins with the N letter

English Chinese
name Name, first name
named class Named category
namespace Namespace
namespace document The famous space file
namespace name Namespace name
namespace prefix Namespace prefix
namespace-valid The namespace is valid
namespace-validating Namespace validation
namespace-well-formed Namespaces are well-constructed
natural language Natural language
navigation Guided tour
navigation bars Guide bar
navigation mechanism Guided tour mechanism
NCSa (National center for supercomputing applications) NCSa (National Center for Super Application Computing)
negotiate content Negotiate the content
negotiation metadata Negotiate metadata
nelson, ted nelson, ted
net Internet (Internet)
network byte order The order of the network bits
new New
neXT neXT (company name)
NNTP (Network news transfer protocol) NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol)
node Node
non-repudiation There is no denying it
non-variant content No difference content
none No
nonmonotonic Not monotonous
normative Normative
normative text The specification text
normative, informative Normative, reference
notation declarations Symbolic proclamation
notations Symbols, notation
note Notes

A word that begins with the letter O

English Chinese
object Object
object property The property of the object
obligation Obligations
obsolete feature Obsolete features
occurs as attribute value Appears as a property value
office Office
onLoad onLoad
onRequest onRequest
ontological Ontology
ontology Ontology, ontology
ontology document Ontogeneity file
open source Open source
openMath openMatch
operating environment The operating environment
operation Operation
operator, an mo element Operator, a mo element
operator, content element Operator -gt; operator, content element
optional Selectable
optional behaviors You can select behaviors
optional features You can select features
orchestration Choreography
origin server The source servo
other Other
otherwise Otherwise
outbound Outflow
output modalities The output mode
override Overload, rewrite
OWL class OWL category
OWL Web Ontology Language Guide OWL Network Ontsophysic Language Guide

A word that begins with the P letter

English Chinese
packet Bags, envelopes
page view Page reading
palette Palette
parameter entities The argument entity
parameter entity The argument entity
parameter-entity references The parameter entity reference
parent Parent (node)
parent document type The parent file type
parsed character data (PCDATa ) Profiled Word Meta-Data (PCDATa)
parsed entity The entity has been dissected
parsed entity's The entity has been dissected
parsing Analytical
partial understanding Part of the understanding
partially selected Part of the selection
participate Participation
pass extraction Stage fetching
pass phrase key Pass key
path Path
payload security The load is safe
perceivable unit Perceptible unit
permission License
permission guard Licensing protection mechanisms
person or organization An individual or organization
personal digital assistant (PDa ) Handhelds, Electronic Palms (PDAs)
PGP (Pretty good privacy) Pgp
physical transducer A physical converter
PICS (Platform form PICS
pixel Pixel
PKC (public key cryptography) PKC (Public Key Cryptology)
PKI (Public key infrastructure) PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)
placeholder occupied
plug-in Plug
PNG (Portable network graphics) PNG (portable network graphics format)
PNG datastream PNG data flow
PNG decoder PNG decoder
PNG editor PNG editor
PNG encoder PNG encoder
PNG file PNG gear
PNG four-byte signed integer PNG four-bit group symbol integer
PNG four-byte unsigned integer PNG four-bit yuan groups are unsigned integers
PNG image PNG image
PNG signature PNG signing/signing
point Point
point of regard Gaze point
pointer Index
pointer part Metrics section
policy Policy
policy guard Policy protection mechanisms
practice Practice
pre-defined function Predefined functions
preceding element The front-order element
preference Preferences
presentation elements The expression element
presentation layout schema Express the outline of the Bureau
presentation markup Express markers
presentation token element Expresses the markup element
preserve Keep
principal The primary entity
principal node type The primary node type
principle Principle
priority 1 (P1) 1st Priority (P1)
priority 2 (P2) 2nd Priority (P2)
priority 3 (P3) 3rd Priority (P3)
privacy Privacy
privacy policy Privacy policy
process Process, processing
processing instructions Data processing instructions
profile Set up the file
profiling Set up the file
prompt Tips, prompts for input
proof of possession (POP) Proof of Ownership (POP)
properties, values, and defaults Properties, values, and presets
property Property
property definition The property definition
Proposed Edited Recommendation The proposed recommended criteria have been amended
Proposed Recommendation (PR) Proposed Recommendation Standard (PR)
proposition Proposition
protection Protection
protocol Agreements, agreements
provider agent The vendor agent
provider entity The vendor entity
proximity position Approximate location
proxy Agent, agent server
public identifier Public identifier
publish Published and published
publisher The sender
purpose Purpose, intent

A word that begins with the Q letter

English Chinese
qualified name Qualifying the name
qualified names Qualifying the name
qualifier Qualifier
quality assurance, Qa Quality Assurance certificate
quality of service Service quality, QoS

A word that begins with the letter R

English Chinese
RDF (Resource description framework) RDF (Resource Description Architecture)
RDF resource RDF resources
reader Readers
reading Nodding, reading
receiver Receiver
recognize Recognition
recommendation Recommended, recommended standards
reduced image Simplified images
reference architecture Reference schema
reference image Refer to the image
reference in attribute value Property value reference
reference in content Content reference
reference in DTD DTD reference
reference in entity value The entity value reference
registry Registration
reify Specific
relation relationship
remote resource Remote resources
render Rendering, display
rendered content Rendered/displayed content
rendered content, rendered text Rendered/displayed content, text
rendering Rendering, display
rendering preferences Preferences for rendering/displaying
repair content, repair text Fix the content
replace Replace
replaced element The replaced element
replacement text Replace the text
repository Library, file library
representation Said
request Requests, requests
requester agent The requester agent
requester entity The requester entity
Rescinded Recommendation Void recommendation criteria
reserved Reserved
resource Resources
resource error The resource is wrong
resource manifestation Resource characteristics
response Response, response
restriction Constraints
restriction, global Domain-wide constraints
restriction, local Local constraints
result infoset Results information set
results verification The results are confirmed
reverse document order The file is in reverse order
RFC (Request for comments) RFC (for comment)
RGB merging RGB and
root Root
RPC (remote procedure call) RPC (remote program call)
Rsa RSa (encryption algorithm)
ruby text Side note text

A word that begins with the letter S

English Chinese
safe It's safe
safe interaction Safe delivery
safe zone Safe area
sample Sample
sample depth Sample depth
sample depth scaling Sample depth mapping
satisfy Meet
scanline Scan line
schema Outline
schema (pl., schemata ) Outline
schema constraint Outline constraints
schema representation constraint The outline indicates constraints
schema , RDF schema Outline, RDF outline
schema -determined ID Identification determined by the outline
scheme scheme
scope of a declaration Declare the scope of validity
screen magnifier Screen/screen amplifier
screen reader The screen reader
scribe Meeting recorder
script Script language, script
secondary resource Secondary resources
security Safety
security administration Security management
security architecture Security architecture
security auditing Security audit
security domain Secure domain
security mechanism Security mechanisms
security model The security model
security policy Security policy
security policy expression Security policy expression
security service Security services
selected Selected
selected sub-expression (of an maction element) Selected subexpression (in the maction element).
selection, current selection Select, currently selected
semantic Semantic
semantic requirement Semantic requirements (with "test assertions")
semantic web Semantic Web
semantically transparent Semantic transparency
sender The sender
separation of form from content The content form is separated
serial access, sequential navigation Sequential access, sequential tour
server Server, server terminal program
server session Server session
service Service
service description The service description
service interface The service interface
service intermediary Service mediation
service provider Service provider
service provider (Data controller, legal entity) Service providers (data administrators, legal entities)
service requester The service requester
service role The service role
service semantics Service semantics
service-oriented architecture Guided service architecture
session session
set Set
SGML (Standard generalized markup language) SGML (standard common markup language)
shall Have to
should Should
sibling Brother
simple link Simple link/chain link
simple links Simple link/chain link
simple ruby markup Simple side note mark
single authoring Single creation
site maps Site map
size and color of non-text content The size and color of non-text content
SMIL (Synchronized multimedia integration language) SMIL (synchronous multimedia integration language)
Soap Simple object access protocol
SOAP application SOAP application software
SOAP binding SOAP binding
SOAP body SOAP principal
SOAP envelope SOAP envelope
SOAP fault SOAP error
SOAP feature SOAP functionality
SOAP header SOAP header
SOAP header block SOAP header block
SOAP intermediary SOAP mediation
SOAP message SOAP message
SOAP message exchange pattern (MEP) SOAP Message Exchange Mode (MEP)
SOAP message path SOAP message path
SOAP module SOAP module
SOAP node SOAP node
SOAP receiver SOAP recipient
SOAP role SOAP role
SOAP sender SOAP sender
sophia Sophia (place name: Sophia - Antipolis)
source document The source file
source image The source image
source infoset Source information set
space-like (MathML expression) Class Empty (MathML Expression)
specification Specification
speech Voice
speech synthesis Speech synthesis
SRGS (Speech recognition grammar specification) SRGS (Speech Recognition Grammar Specification)
SSML (Speech synthesis markup language) SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language)
stale Old, out-of-date
standard Standard
standard generalized markup language (SGML) Universal markup language standards
start-tag The Starting Sign
starting resource The starting resource
state State
statement Statement
strict conformance Strictly consistent
string identity matching The character metastring matches
string indexing The metastring index
string-value The value of the metastring
structural markup Structured tags
style sheet Style sheet
style sheets Style sheet
sub-expression (of a mathML expression) (mathML expression) subexpression
subdialog sub-dialogue
submission The submitted document
subset language Subset language
subsite Substation
suggested rendering rules for mathML presentation elements The recommended mathML expresses element rendering/display rules
supersite The parent station
support, implement, conform Support, implementation, compliance
supported Support, support
SVG (Scalable vector graphics) SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic)
synchronize Synchronous
synchronous Synchronized
synthesis processor Synthetic processor
system entity The system entity
system identifier The system identifier
sysWeb sysWeb (W3C System Network Group)

A word that begins with the T letter

English Chinese
tables of contents Directory
tabular information Table format information
tag STANDARD sign
TAG Technical architecture group
tangle Tangle (program name)
tapered prompts Indented prompts
TCP (Transmission control protocol) TCP (Transport Control Protocol)
team Team
technical architecture group Technical architecture group
technical report Technical reports
term taken verbatim from another source Words Used Word for Word from Other Sources
test area The test area
test assertion Test assertions
test case Test the example
test framework Test the framework
test purpose The purpose of the test
test requirement Test requirements, test assertions
test suite The test set
testability Testability
text Text
text content, non-text content Text content, non-text content
text decoration Text decoration
text transcript Transcript for Text
text-To-Speech Language conversion
the empty string Empty meta string
third-party Third parties
throw Thrown
time parameters Time parameters
Tls The transport layer is secure
tobin Tobin (name: Maurice J. Tobin)
token Mark
token element Mark the element
tokenized Tagged
top-level element (of mathML) The highest-level element (of mathML).
top-level included items The highest level contains the project
topology The topology
tracing Tracking
transaction Transaction
transcript Transcript
transformation Conversion, transformation
traversal Traverse
triple Triple
truecolour Full color
trust service Trust the service
Tts TTS (Language Conversion)
tunnel Channel
type Type
typeface Font

A word that begins with the letter U

English Chinese
UCS A common set of words
UI or action binding expression An expression of a user interface or action binding
ultimate SOAP receiver The final SOAP recipient
unconditional conformance Unconditional compliance
uniform resource identifier Unified resource identifiers
uniform resource identifier (URI) Unified Resource Identifier (URI)
union Union, and
universe Global, universal
unnamed class The category is not named
unparsed entity Non-anatomy entities
unsafe interaction Unsafe interaction
unspecified Unspecified
upstream/downstream Upstream/Downstream
Uri Unified resource identifier
URI (Universal resource identifier) URI (Unified Resource Identifier)
URI aliases URI alias
URI collision URI conflict
URI ownership URI ownership
URI persistence URI durability
URI reference URI reference
Url Unified resource locator
URL (Uniform resource locator) URL (Unified Resource Locator)
usage auditing Use auditing
usage scenario Use the scene
use Use, use
use case Case
user Users, consumers
user agent User agent, useragent
user agent (Ua ) User agent, Ua
user agent default styles The user agent preset style
user agent profile The user agent sets up the file
user control of every user interface component User control for each user interface set up
user experience The user experience
user experience preferences User experience preferences
user interface, user interface control User interface, user interface control
user session User session
user styles The user style
User-input Web request A user-entered web request

A word that begins with the letter V

English Chinese
valid Effective
valid mathML data Valid mathML material
valid style sheet A valid style sheet
validating processors Verify the processor
validation Verify
validation rule Validate the rule
validation, validate, validating Verify, confirm, verify
validator Validator, checker
validity constraint Validity constraints
value space Numeric space
variant Variant
variant content Variable content
versioning Versioned
video Video, video
view Reading
view, viewport Read, read the window
viola Viola language
virtual hypertext Virtual hyper text
visual track The rail
visual-only presentation Pure visual presentation
visualText Visual text
vocabulary Wordshui
voice Voice
voice browser Voice browser
voiceXML document VoiceXML file
voiceXML interpreter VoiceXML interpreter/direct translator
voiceXML interpreter context VoiceXML interpretation/direct translation environment
Vrml Virtual reality modeling language
VRML (Virtual reality modeling language) VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language)

A word that begins with the W letter

English Chinese
W3c W3c
W3C (World wide web consortium) W3C (World Wide Web Alliance)
W3C recommendation W3C recommended standards
W3C Recommendation (REC) W3C Recommended Standard (REC)
WAI (Web accessibility initiative) WAI (Accessible Web Initiative)
WAIS (Wide area information servers) Wide area information service system
Web World wide web
web agent Web proxy
web client Web client
web collection The web collection
web core Web core
web neighborhood Web neighbors
web page Web page
web page identifier The page identifier
web periphery Web peripherals
web request Web request
web request body The web request principal
web request header The web request header
web resource Web resources
web response Web response
web response body The web responds to the principal
web response header The web responds to the header
web server Web server
web service Web service
web site Website
web site publisher The sender of the website
well-formed Well-structured
well-formedness constraint Good structure constraints
white point White dot
width (of a box) (the width of the text or graphic box).
Working Draft (WD) Work grass
Working Group Note Team notes
world The world, the field
world wide web World wide web
worldWideWeb (one word; no spaces) Browser
Www WWW (World Wide Web)

Words that begin with the X letter

English Chinese
xanadu xanadu
xForms model xForms model
xForms processor xForms processor
XLL (eXtensible linking language) XLL (Extensable Link/Chain Language)
XML (Extensible markup language) XML (Extensable Tag Language)
XML declaration XML announcement
XML document XML file
XML name XML name
XML namespace XML namespace
XML processor XML processor
xML-based format XML-based format
xPointer processor xPointer processor
XSL (Extensible style sheet language) XSL (Extensable Style Sheet Language)
XSL formatting objects (XSL FO) XSL FormatTing Objects (XSL FO)
XSL transformation (XSLT) XSL Conversion Language (XSLT)

A word that begins with the letter Z

English Chinese
zakim zakim (W3C video conferencing)
zlib zlib compression format