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Can a laravel user browse the laravel website?

Asked by Amalia Richards on Dec 06, 2021 Website construction guide

In other words, after verifying account user can browse the pages to our system. Laravel provides a built-in system for email verification of a newly registered user. Using this, on registration user will get an email with an activation link. Once he activated account then he would able to browse the system.
All the information you need to know about user are accessible by using Agent (jenssegers/agent) package.Agent utilizes the Mobile Detect PHP Class under the hood. Agent makes Laravel equipped to detect the user environment.We will detecting user browser and its version using the jenssegers package.
In fact, This issue occurs because of browser caching. A browser usually maintains the cache for every site it opens, in order to make sure the user experiences faster speed. It uses that loaded cache the next time when the user visits the same page. Therefore, it is required to prevent the browser back button to access web pages after the user logs out.
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By default Laravel Dusk runs what’s called a headless browser that you won’t be able to watch. To watch the browser perform actions head to DuskTestCase.php that our ScrapeTheWebTest inherits from. Once there remove the --headless option: