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How to build paid membership website in wix-wix for?

Asked by Abdiel Vance on Dec 15, 2021 Website construction guide

Creating a paid membership website in Wix is not as hard or impossible as it may seem. By using integrations like the PayPal subscription button and Wix's ability to create member only pages or member locked pages, you can create a paid membership website with different membership levels in Wix. Email: [email protected].
Wix is one of the most popular generic website builders out there and the main reasons for its popularity are ease of use and affordable pricing. As knowledge commerce is booming, more and more people are looking to sell online courses and build membership sites and many of them want to know whether they should use Wix for the same or not.
One may also ask, Pricing is a dealbreaker for a lot of creators and at first glance, Wix pricing seem quite affordable and really cheap as compared to other popular online membership platforms. However, there are a few things you need to consider before making up your mind on Wix membership site pricing.
Track sales, monitor website traffic and optimize your performance. Get the word out about sales and track your campaigns. Reach a wider audience with eye-catching posts. Target the right customers with Wix's AI optimization. Create promotional videos in just a few steps and share across social.
Wix Members Area is a great native tool to set up a membership site. But for some cases, the tool’s options might be limited. Because of the increased demand for more complex sites, we made MemberSpace compatible with Wix.