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Introduction to jQuery EasyUI

May 08, 2021 22:00 jQuery EasyUI

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Introduction to jQuery EasyUI

jQuery EasyUI is a jQuery-based framework that integrates various user interface (UI) plug-ins.

jQuery EasyUI makes it easier for Web developers to create a feature-rich and beautiful UI interface. With jQuery EasyUI, developers don't need to write complex javascripts, they don't need to have a deep understanding of css styles, they just need to know a few simple HTML tags.

Introduction to jQuery EasyUI

What is jQuery EasyUI

The jQuery EasyUI framework provides everything you need to create a Web page to help you easily build your site.

  • easyui is a jQuery-based framework that integrates various user interface plug-ins.
  • easyui provides the necessary functionality to build modern, interactive javascript applications.
  • With easyui, you don't need to write too much javascript code, in general you only need to use some html tags to define the user interface.
  • The full framework of HTML web pages.
  • easyui saves time and scale in developing products.
  • easyui is very simple, but very powerful.

Introduction to jQuery EasyUI

jQuery EasyUI download

You can version of jQuery EasyUI from the website.

Easy to use jQuery and HTML5

jQuery EasyUI provides easy-to-use components that enable Web developers to quickly set up program pages on popular jQuery cores and HTML5. T hese features make your application suitable for today's network. There are two ways to declare UI components:

1. Declare the component directly in HTML.

<div class="easyui-dialog" style="width:400px;height:200px"
    data-options="title:'My Dialog',collapsible:true,iconCls:'icon-ok',onOpen:function(){}">
        dialog content.

2. Write JavaScript code to create components.

<input id="cc" style="width:200px" />
	url: ...,
	required: true,
	valueField: 'id',
	textField: 'text'