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May 26, 2021 17:00 Apache Kafka

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Kafka at "org.apache.kafka.tools." " Under the packaged tool. /b10> Tools are divided into system tools and replication tools.

System tools

You can use run class scripts to run system tools from the command line. The syntax is as follows -

bin/kafka-run-class.sh package.class - - options

Some system tools are mentioned below -

  • Kafka Migration Tool - This tool is used to migrate agents from one version to another.

  • Mirror Maker - This tool is used to provide a mirror to another Kafka cluster.

  • Consumer Offset Checker - This tool displays consumer groups, themes, partitions, offsets, log sizes, owners of specified themes and consumer groups.

Copy Tool"

Kafka replication is an advanced design tool. /b10> Replication tools are added for greater durability and availability. Here are some replication tools -

  • Create a theme tool - This creates a theme with a default number of partitions, copies the factor, and uses Kafka's default scheme for copy allocation.

  • List Topic Tool - This tool lists information for a specified list of topics. /b10> If no topics are provided on the command line, the tool queries Zookeyer for information about all topics and lists them. /b11> The fields displayed by the tool are the subject name, partition, leader, replicas, isr.

  • Add a partition tool - Create a theme and you must specify the number of partitions for the topic. /b10> Later, you may need more partitions for the topic when the subject's volume will increase. /b11> This tool helps add more partitions to a specific topic and also allows you to manually copy the partitions that have been added.