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Who is carmen cordova and ismael cruz cordova?

Asked by Helen Melton on Dec 01, 2021 Cordova

Siblings – Carmen L. Delgado Cordova (Older Sister) (Musician) Ismael Cruz Córdova is represented by The Gersh Agency, Inc., Talent Agency, Beverly Hills, California, United States. Ismael Cruz Córdova appeared in some local commercials when he was young.
Ismael Cruz- Córdova is an actor, entrepreneur currently based in New York. Born and raised in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico. At age fifteen, Ismael began working locally in commercials, TV and film shortly after joining his High School Drama Club. In 2006 he decided to further pursue his dream and moved to New York City where he studied at NYU's ...
Besides, Ismael Cruz Cordova is a Puerto Rican actor popularly known for his appearance in the American educational children’s tv series, Sesame Street. He is further known for his several television appearances including series like Ray Donovan, SOG, and Berlin Station. Where was Ismael born and raised?
In respect to this,
Ismael Cruz Córdova made his feature film debut as Gatillo in the drama movie, Stray Bullet, in 2003. He made his first theatrical film appearance as Manny in the action crime thriller movie, In the Blood, in 2014. He made his first TV show appearance as Jimmy Patrick in the mystery crime drama series, The Good Wife, in 2011.
Ismael Cruz Cordova made his career debut in 2003 with the film, Stray Bullet. He further played small roles in the film, White Alligator, La Edwin, Chaser, La Loteria, and The Golden Record. Cruz Cordova made his first television appearance in 2005 with the film, El Cuerpo del Delito as many.