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Why did cordova come up with the cordova cooler?

Asked by Olive Galvan on Dec 01, 2021 Cordova

Cordova’s original inspiration was in making a cooler that can not only handle plenty of ice but also be shaped in a way that allows it to easily be stored in a boat. These two features sort of go against each other since long ice life typically means large storage volume and thick walls.
In this manner,
Where Cordova aims to be different from the plethora of other premium cooler companies is in their design approach: they utilize some specialized features including their thinner walls to make coolers that have larger storage volume for a given size while still retaining the ice life and ease of use that people have come to expect.
Similarly, It has been a journey from betting on a dare to building a complete cooler lineup, but Cordova Outdoors is ready for all of your adventures. Makes the cooler extremely efficient and airtight. Listen to your cooler when you close it and you can tell it's airtight.
You will find tumblers that include a 10oz, 20oz, and 32oz model. In addition to this, Cordova also has some specialized water jugs that utilize similar manufacturing features as their hard-sided coolers. Dubbed the Hydro Jug, these come in 3.5 and 5-gallon models.
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Cordova wraps your HTML/JavaScript app into a native container which can access the device functions of several platforms. These functions are exposed via a unified JavaScript API, allowing you to easily write one set of code to target nearly every phone or tablet on the market today and publish to their app stores.