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Cordova Media

May 21, 2021 Cordova

Table of contents

The Cordova media plug-in is used to record and play audio sounds in the Cordova application.

Step 1 - Install the media plug-in

You can install the Media plug-in by running the following code in the command prompt window.

C:\Users\username\Desktop\CordovaProject>cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-media

Step 2 - Add a button

In this tutorial, we'll create a simple audio player. /b10> Let's .html button we need in index.

<button id = "playAudio">PLAY</button>
<button id = "pauseAudio">PAUSE</button>
<button id = "stopAudio">STOP</button>
<button id = "volumeUp">VOLUME UP</button>
<button id = "volumeDown">VOLUME DOWN</button>

Step 3 - Add an event listener

Now we need to .js event listener to our buttons in the onDeviceReady function within the index code.

document.getElementById("playAudio").addEventListener("click", playAudio);
document.getElementById("pauseAudio").addEventListener("click", pauseAudio);
document.getElementById("stopAudio").addEventListener("click", stopAudio);
document.getElementById("volumeUp").addEventListener("click", volumeUp);
document.getElementById("volumeDown").addEventListener("click", volumeDown);

Step 4A - Play function

The first function we're going to add is playAudio. /b10> We define myMedia outside of the function because we want to use it in functions that we add later (pause, stop, volumeUp, and volumeDown). /b11> This code is placed in the index .js file.

var myMedia = null;

function playAudio() {
   var src = "/android_asset/www/audio/piano.mp3";

   if(myMedia === null) {
      myMedia = new Media(src, onSuccess, onError);

      function onSuccess() {
         console.log("playAudio Success");

      function onError(error) {
         console.log("playAudio Error: " + error.code);


We can start piano music from the src path by clicking the Play button.

Step 4B - Pause and stop functions

The next features we need are pauseAudio and stopAudio.

function pauseAudio() {
   if(myMedia) {

function stopAudio() {
   if(myMedia) {
   myMedia = null;

Now we can pause or stop the piano tone by clicking the Pause or Stop button.

Step 4C - Volume function

To set the volume, we can use the setVolume method. /b10> This method takes parameters with values from 0 to 1. /b11> We'll set the starting value to 0.5.

var volumeValue = 0.5;

function volumeUp() {
   if(myMedia && volumeValue < 1) {
      myMedia.setVolume(volumeValue += 0.1);

function volumeDown() {
   if(myMedia && volumeValue > 0) {
      myMedia.setVolume(volumeValue -= 0.1);

Once we press VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN, we can press 0.1 to change the volume value.

The following table shows other methods provided by this plug-in.

Method Describe
getCurrentPosition Returns the current position of the audio.
getDuration Returns the duration of the audio.
play Used to start or restore audio.
pause Used to pause audio.
release Release the audio resources of the underlying operating system.
seekTo Used to change the location of the audio.
setVolume Used to set the volume of audio.
startRecord Start recording an audio file.
stopRecord Stop recording audio files.
stop Stop playing the audio file.