Introduction to Atom

May 24, 2021 15:00 Atom

Table of contents

Brief introduction

What is ATOM

Atom is a cross-platform text editor for programmers. I t has a simple and intuitive graphical user interface and has many interesting features: support for web programming languages such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc. It supports macros, automates split-screen functionality, and integrates the file manager.


  • Open source - Following the MIT protocol, the code is hosted on Github.
  • Multi-platform - MAC/WIN/LINUX is supported (source compilation installation is supported and binary installation packages are also available).
  • Rich plug-in library - open source has been a year now: The community's various plug-ins are enriched, and Atom's plug-ins support online updates.
  • Sublime - Styles are very similar to sublime text, and some of the shortcuts are generic and should be used for reference, both in style and in operation
  • Adopt package management technology - Use node .js to access file systems and package management.
  • Strong vitality - Back to the Github community, which for Atom can inject a constant stream of vitality.

Download the installation

1, open Atom's official website

Introduction to Atom

2, click "Download Windows Installer" - and then double-click AtomSetup .exe

3, will be installed to the C disk by default, the desktop will appear an Atom icon

Enable the interface

Introduction to Atom