Cloud Development Why write this tutorial

May 27, 2021 13:00 A minimalist getting started manual for cloud development serverless

What does this tutorial say?
Talk about Serverless, put this tall concept on the ground, you can practice the tutorial.

Why write this tutorial?
Originally did not want to write, all transferred to the product manager, write some code in order to "keep interested."

But this "cloud development" this model, is indeed very new, many students with more experience can easily get started, but just entered the industry students on the cumbersome process and concept, but it is very hollow, relatively some thresholds. B ut at the moment there's no one that can do a good job of getting started, mostly with the empty concept of serverless on a tall level.

The "cloud development" model here is actually a mapping of Serverless, saying that the model is hoping to jump out of the product's eye to see the development of cloud computing. O f course, also because the employer is Tencent, so the whole case is based on Tencent Cloud development of this product introduction, this should be understandable.

In addition, I am a more wayative person, I think good, I think useful, I will insist. E ven if someone doesn't think it's necessarily right, I want to incorporate what I want to try into my ideas.

There are two requirements for this tutorial:

  • Requirements: Try to be as easy as possible to understand, discard the concept of tall; try to add some tone words;
  • Requirements: There is a process, there are details;
  • Hope is interesting, this requirement is too high, strive to be able to make the application practical, followed by luxury fun;

Here's what cloud development contains

  • The getting started tutorial focuses on web cloud development;
  • The case will be interspersed with the actual projects of small program cloud development and web cloud development;