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How do i access the promise promise website?

Asked by Julien Watts on Dec 10, 2021 Website construction guide

FAQ: PROMISe 1. How do I access the PROMISe™ website? Providers may access the PROMISe™ website for claim status, online claim submission, ePEAP, Eligibility Verifications, requesting Attachment Control Numbers, etc. at
That’s what Promise.all is for. let promise = Promise.all([... promises ...]); Promise.all takes an array of promises (it technically can be any iterable, but is usually an array) and returns a new promise. The new promise resolves when all listed promises are resolved, and the array of their results becomes its result.
In addition, Certain restrictions apply. The Promise program requires no application — simply apply for college and complete the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. You will receive an email with instructions on next steps leading to the signing of your Promise contract.
To access the response, you must first pass it a fulfillment handler/callback as an argument. A fulfillment handler is basically like giving the promise instructions of what to do with the response when it’s available. Below is an example of the usage of the .then method using our mock fetch API from above.
The answer is similar to when the promise is resolved; you access the error by registering a handler/callback by passing it to the .catch method on the promise. Below is an example of how you can access the error when a promise is rejected.