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Introduction to Vant

May 07, 2021 08:00 Vant

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  • 60 plus high-quality components
  • 90% unit test coverage
  • Complete Chinese and English documentation and examples
  • Supports on-demand introduction
  • Theme customization is supported
  • Support for internationalization
  • TS is supported
  • SSR is supported

Get started quickly

Please refer to the Quick Start section

The contribution code

To modify the code, please read our development guide

Any questions you find during use can be asked of Issue to us, and of course, we welcome you to send us a PR

Browser support

Modern browser as well as Android 4.0 plus, iOS 8.0 plus

Join us

The front-end team is composed of a group of young, leathery, technology-enthusiastic small partners, there are currently more than 100 front-end engineers, distributed in the business of Taiwan, e-commerce, retail, the United States, assets, empowerment and other lines of business.

We love sharing and open source, and we love to solve problems in an engineer's way, so we've built a lot of tools to solve the problems we're experiencing, and the open source products we currently maintain are:

Introduction to Vant

We are looking for more excellent small partners, together to expand the boundaries of front-end technology, look forward to your joining!


Project Describe
vant-demo Vant official sample collection
vant-weapp WeChat gadget component library
vant-cli Build tools out-of-the-box component libraries
vant-icons Vant Icon Gallery
vant-touch-emulator Use Vant's secondary library on the desktop side


Open source protocol

This project is based on the MIT protocol and is free to enjoy and participate in open source

Example demonstration