Introduction to Gradle

May 25, 2021 17:00 Gradle

Table of contents

Brief introduction


It's great to introduce Gradle, a groundbreaking JVM-based build tool.

It provides you with:

  • A flexible build tool that, like ant, is common
  • A switchable, convention-based framework like maven that is superior to configuration
  • Powerful multi-engineering build support
  • Strong dependency management (apacheIvy-based)
  • Full support for existing maven and ivy repositories
  • Pass-through dependency management is supported without the need for remote warehouses .xml or ivy profiles
  • ant-style tasks and builds are the first citizens of gradle
  • Based on groovy, its build script is written using groovy dsl
  • Have a wide range of domain models to support your build
  • In the second chapter overview, you'll see a detailed introduction and guidance about Gradle

About this manual

Like Gradle, this manual is constantly being updated. M any parts are not fully described. S ome of the content is not fully described. W e need you to help improve this manual. You can find documents in the remaining formats on the official Gradle website.