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What is the basis for learning linux?

May 29, 2021 Article blog

In recent years, with the development of computer network, more and more people are learning linux. L earning linux is necessary for students who want to do operations or intelligent development. Linux learning is not easy, so this article w3cschool editor-in-chief tells you, what is the basis for learning linux?

In fact, there is no standard answer to this question. Whether there is a foundation will only determine the speed and slowness of follow-up learning, just as we learn from primary school language and mathematics, are also from no foundation to learn slowly, but the time required is different.

  • Certain English and mathematical foundations.

Various linux commands are different English words. I f you have a certain foundation in English, learn faster. I f there is no English foundation is not hindered, the follow-up to spend more time on it. T he basic requirement of mathematics is generally the level of mathematics in junior high school. The level of mathematics is more intuitive and affects the logic and quality of the code you write.

  • C language and C

Learning linux can do more with less if you have the basis of the C and C? languages, and learning linux with other programming language foundations can also help with linux learning.

  • persist

Linux learning is boring, a line of code is no emotional language, the machine will not respond to you, and linux learning is broader and deeper. If you can't sink your heart to learn slowly, you'll most likely learn half of it and give up.

  • Practice more.

As long as you're learning programming, practicing code is a step that can't be omitted. For the same piece of code, you must not only understand its syntax and logic, but also demonstrate it skillfully on a computer.

In fact, the study of programming is the same as the education we have received. N eed to follow its laws, from shallow into the deep, step by step, slowly learn to absorb and then digest. Whether there is a foundation or not, as long as you learn from now on, everything is in time.

That's all the basics of what w3cschool's little compilation of learning linux requires. For more linux learning, follow

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