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Why is Python so popular?

May 29, 2021 Article blog

Python has risen to third place in TIOBE in 2021, so why is it so popular?

 Why is Python so popular?1

Why is Python so popular?

Python's positioning in the language is "simple," "elegant," and "clear," so when we look at Python programs, we all find it easy to understand, and when beginners learn Python, it's not only relatively easy to get started, but they can write some very complex program applications later in life.

Development efficiency

Python's development efficiency is very efficient, it has a very powerful third-party library, as long as you want to implement the functions through the computer, in the Python official library will have the corresponding modules to support you, after direct download calls, on the basis of the underlying library redevelopment, can greatly reduce the development cycle, avoid duplication.

When you program in the Python language, you don't need to think about the underlying details of memory classes, such as how to manage the memory classes used in your program.


Because of Python's open source nature, Python can be used all the way to many platforms. If you are careful not to rely on system-dependent features, all your Python programs can run on all system platforms on the market without modification.


If you need a piece of critical code to run faster or some important algorithms are not exposed, you can write some programs in C++ or C, and then use them in Python programs.


You can also embed Python into your C++ or C programs to provide more scripting capabilities for your program users.

That's why Python is so popular. the whole content.