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Introduction to homeKit apps

May 22, 2021 HomeKit App Development guide

Table of contents

Brief introduction

This document is designed to help you write the HomeKit app. T he HomeKit Library is used to communicate and control home automation accessories that support Apple's HomeKit Accessory Protocol. H omeKit applications allow users to discover compatible accessories and configure them. U sers can create actions to control smart accessories, such as constant temperature or low light, group them, and trigger them with Siri. H omeKit objects are stored in the user's iOS device database, and iCloud allows you to sync to other iOS devices. H omeKit supports remote access to smart accessories and multiple user devices and multiple users. HomeKit also deals with the security and privacy of users.

Introduction to homeKit apps

Note: If you're a vendor of HomeKit hardware, you can go to the HomeKit page under Hardware Developers for information about MFi Program, or you can read External Accessory Programming Topics.

See also

The following resources provide more information about creating a HomeKit application: