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About HomeKit App

May 22, 2021 HomeKit App Development guide

Table of contents

HomeKit development guide

HomeKit seamlessly integrates and converges with accessories that support Apple Home Automation Protocol and iOS devices to advance home automation and innovation. W ith a common home automation device protocol and a public API that can configure and communicate with these devices, HomeKit makes it possible for App users to control their home without having to be created by the manufacturer of home automation accessories. H omeKit also integrates home automation accessories from multiple vendors without the need for direct coordination between vendors. T his document is designed to help you write the HomeKit app. The HomeKit Library is used to communicate and control home automation accessories that support Apple's HomeKit Accessory Protocol.

Suitable for people

This document primarily helps developers of home automation accessories develop homeKit apps, helps readers understand homeKit, a smart home platform, and understands how smart home control works.

Learning prerequisites

HomeKit looks very powerful and flexible, but hardware is hardware to be successful.

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