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JFinal Summary

May 14, 2021 10:00 JFinal manual

JFinal is a Java language-based, extremely fast WEB-ORM development framework with core design goals such as rapid development, low code volume, simple learning, powerful, lightweight, scalable, and Restful. D evelop efficiency in dynamic languages such as ruby, python, php, and more while having all the benefits of the Java language! Save you more time with lovers, family and friends : )

JFinal has the following main features:

  • MVC architecture, compact design, simple to use
  • Follow the COC principle, zero configuration, no xml
  • Original Db-Record mode for flexibility and convenience
  • ActiveRecord supports the ultimate in database development
  • The modified java file is automatically loaded without the need to restart the web server during development
  • AOP support, interceptor configuration is flexible and powerful
  • Plugin architecture, highly scalable
  • Multi-view support for FreeMarker, JSP, Velocity
  • Powerful Validator back-end verification
  • Fully functional with most of the core features of struts2
  • It is only 303K small and has no third-party dependencies

JFinal's official website:

JFinal Official QQ Group: 322076903, 432462639

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JFinal Summary