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Why programmers need to succeed in pretending to work very hard

Jun 02, 2021 Article blog

Business owners are very fond of hard-working employees, most of them all day against the computer desperately code to catch up with the progress of programmers more love. There is even a 996 overtime culture in Internet companies.

 Why programmers need to succeed in pretending to work very hard1

However, according to the latest big data, the brain workers high-risk career list TOP10 are programmers, journalists, sales/business, public relations practitioners, real estate agents, designers/artists, online store operations, new media operations, legal, market planning.

 Why programmers need to succeed in pretending to work very hard2

Programmers are clearly mental workers, why is it now reduced to 996 physical migrant workers? The W3Cschool editor-in-chief takes you on a look.

Twenty years ago, it can be said that Chinese few understand the procedure, so the country had to convene some doctoral students to study abroad, study a few months to come back to start taking students, these students are of course also selected from the national college entrance examination of outstanding talent, their thinking ability is relatively good. At that time, learning programs, not like the current so-called "software college" to open so many professional courses, but to open C language, etc. , not more than five computer courses, of course, they opened less professional courses, is inseparable from the conditions at that time:

1, can not find the relevant teacher personnel

2, not equipped with such adequate hardware equipment

 Why programmers need to succeed in pretending to work very hard3

So they pay great attention to the cultivation of students' thinking ability and independent thinking ability, they set up: advanced mathematics, discrete mathematics, linear algebra.... S o at that time to train talent, is now the software industry leader, they found a way to learn the program, they know what is called programming! "Computer" in China can be said to be hot for more than twenty years, these twenty years, the rapid growth of computer talent, is now oversupplied!

In these twenty years, computer talent do not know how many times, but the quality also do not know how many times down!

The quality of programmers reduced, enterprises also see, enterprise feeling, everywhere can find programmers, you do not do, a lot of people do, so that over time programmers in the company's position is reduced!

Over time, programmers have slowly moved from mental workers to manual workers, becoming a veritable "code farmer".

Whether you are a Cobain origin or a training institution, self-taught, halfway out of home, want to become a real programmer just to become the boss's eyes of the excellent staff is not enough, then how can you become the boss seems to be very hard at work, without being reduced to the consumption of the body in exchange for salary yard machine? The W3Cschool editor-in-chief has found the secret for you.

This article is about how programmers pretend to be working hard. There are two completely different opportunities for a programmer to do this pretend:

First, you're a slacker - you want to get it without hard work. /b10>If you were such a person, you and my colleagues would despise you. Y ou don't need to look at the following. This article wasn't written for you at all!

 Why programmers need to succeed in pretending to work very hard4

Second, you have too much to do, and you need to find time to think and learn. In most companies, managers or managers ignore that programmers are brain workers, not hard-working.

They often have the idea that programmers should be working hard all their working hours. However, we are thinking about people, we need time to organize ideas, learn new knowledge, improve themselves, become a better programmer.

If you're one of those people, you need to read the following tips that can help you steal time from your heavy work to think and learn.

First, work hard and give a good first impression

This may sound puzzling. T he most crucial word in this sentence is first impression. Assuming you join a new team, your boss and your co-workers will have a review of your first day or week's performance, presumably feeling what kind of programmer you are.

The more subjective impression you give, the more freedom you will have in the months and years that follow. W ork hard from the start and show your excellent skill level, which is definitely going to pay off handsomely. It would be nice to be able to rescue your stupid boss or co-worker when they encounter problems that can't be solved.

 Why programmers need to succeed in pretending to work very hard5
Work hard and make a good first impression

Second, don't be too sharp in the team

Be careful not to look too good in the team and keep a proper low profile. Y ou can show that development is fast, but not too fast. The boss will soon get used to your work efficiency and will arrange more and more work for you.

 Why programmers need to succeed in pretending to work very hard6
Low profile

This approach seems to run counter to your original intention, and you want to have more free time to do more important things, but it backfires, so have a strategy. A nd doing so avoids making your co-workers look stupid and slow. So don't do it too fast, but do it well and finish it on time.

Third, let the code be well maintained

You should write the best code and make it easy to maintain. The longer you do a job, the more code maintainability will affect your personal productivity.

 Why programmers need to succeed in pretending to work very hard7

Don't forget, "Any time spent debugging BUG is wasted time!" " BUGS MAKE YOU SLOWER AND SLOWER TO IMPLEMENT NEW FEATURES, AND YOUR STRESS GETS WORSE." G ood design and writing simple documents will save you time in the future. A utomate your daily repetitive work. Write automated tests.

Fourth, create a good network of people

Good at learning from others. T he better your relationships are, the more solutions you have to the problem. The company's regular workflow is prepared for common problems.

 Why programmers need to succeed in pretending to work very hard8

When you have a difficult problem, you need someone to help you. I f people don't like working with you, they won't help you. Therefore, it is very important to please the people around you more often.

V. Summary

There are many other useful techniques that can give you more freedom from a busy job. But the most important one is: once you work, work hard, be smart, and do it quickly - and use the time you save to do what you love to do.

 Why programmers need to succeed in pretending to work very hard9

Remember, the more knowledge you have, the better you can solve problems/create value. P rogrammers are brain workers. Programmers improve their individual abilities, and companies benefit from it.

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 Why programmers need to succeed in pretending to work very hard10