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What are the main areas in which Python programming languages are used?

May 31, 2021 Article blog

It has been said that Python will become the third mainstream programming language in the future, following C and java. P ython is a simple, beautifully designed programming language that accomplishes real-life tasks and reduces the complexity and complexity of developers. python can be widely used in the following 5 areas.

 What are the main areas in which Python programming languages are used?1

1, data analysis

We all know that this is the age of big data, data can explain all the problems, now a lot of data analysis is not as simple as before, Python language has become the first choice to be a data analyst, it can greatly improve productivity.

2, Python automated testing

Python plays a very big role in testing, especially in automated methods, it can be said that Python is too powerful, master and familiar with automated processes, methods and the various templates we always use, by far Python's most used should be automated testing.

3, Python Web site engineer

Now is the era of the Internet, our life can not be separated from the network, can not be separated from the Web, the use of Python framework can do the website, and are some beautiful front-end interface, and we need to master some data applications.

4, Linux operations

Test tools and processes can be implemented, including automated testing on the server side, client, web, andriod, client side, automated performance test execution, monitoring and analysis, and commonly used selenium appium and other frameworks. python is a language that Linux operations must master.

5, artificial intelligence

Python is a language compiled with LISP and JAVA. A ccording to a comparison of Lips and Python in Norvig's article, the two languages are very similar to each other, with only minor differences. P ython also provides access to the Java image user interface. T hat's why Peter Norvig chose to use JPyhton to translate the programs in his AI books. P ython allows him to use portable GUI demos, and portable http/ftp/html libraries. Therefore, it is well suited as an artificial intelligence language.

These are the 5 areas of python application, for some students who want to learn python can be used as a reference. python is a very compatible language, many areas are can be applied, the scope of employment is very wide, as long as we are willing to study hard, employment prospects are still very good.

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