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Activity Test which programming language you are suitable for!

Jun 01, 2021 Article blog

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Introduction: There is nothing difficult in the world only afraid of people with hearts, oh ha ha ha ha ha.

Activity Test which programming language you are suitable for! 1

Do a simple test to see which programming language you are suitable for.

Write at the beginning

With a more vulgar words as the beginning of "there is nothing difficult in the world only afraid of people with hearts", this sentence is mostly correct, after all, there is a heart to do a thing, although not necessarily successful, but must be rewarded.

But, the most afraid is to study without heart! Because then you have little to gain.

The same is true of learning programming, and when you try to learn a language, it's normal to end up with a fog, all kinds of walls, and finally giving up.

So who's to blame?

Obviously, it's not your problem, it's that programming is too difficult.

Remember, when you try to learn programming, you can't learn, it's definitely not your problem, it's the reason programming is too difficult!

This is not to make excuses for you, as a programmer with nearly 10 years of programming experience, can be very responsible to tell you, do not blame you, because programming is too difficult.

So you don't have to blame yourself.

But! Someone must have said, why can others learn, and I can't learn?

em.... Why should you compare with others, Wang Si Cong also has hundreds of millions of assets, let go of themselves, is the greatest comfort to themselves.

Well, don't joke, answer seriously to the little buddies you really want to learn programming: Why is it so hard to learn programming?

Programming is not difficult

Learn the programming steps:

Throw away all excuses - > choose the right language - > study hard and make things

Really, learning programming must follow the above three steps, but some of them start by going straight to the third step, and the result is a gray one.

(Well, to let go of yourself is to let go....

Well, so we have to step by step, step by step, in order to achieve a great cause.

Activity Test which programming language you are suitable for! 2

Is programming difficult? The answer must be difficult, no matter who asked me, I will be so firm to tell each other, programming is difficult!

If I tell you that programming is difficult, then you don't learn?

Life is alive, what is not difficult? Is it hard not to do it?

If you see it here and decide to give up, you can click on the top right corner of the screen, turn this article off, and... Let go of yourself, no one will blame you for anything.

If you don't turn it off, be sure to learn a programming language, and try to change anything, whatever it is, as long as you want to try to change, then keep looking down.

First of all, let's take a look at how difficult programming languages are, and we only need to address three difficulties, so programming is actually easy to get close to.

The three difficulties are: it's hard to look at the past, it's boring to look at the past, and choosing a programming language.

It's hard to look past:

A lot of people see programmers looking at a lot of code and feel like it's definitely not human. (Yes, I still feel the same way)

The code is full of English words and symbols, and some numbers, although every English letter, number, symbol we all know, why they came together, feel simply can not understand.

So a lot of people think programming is hard.

In fact, the most unfriendly of these codes is the English word. Here the editor can be very responsible to tell all the small partners reading this article, English good or bad will not affect you to learn the code.

For example, I have never passed English, but this did not prevent me from learning programming.

It's true that good English partners can learn programming more smoothly, but this is just a bonus.

Because learning a programming language, you only need to understand a few fixed English words, these words will be reused, as for those numbers and symbols are simpler.

As long as you try, try getting started, you'll find that it's nothing at all.

It's boring to look past:

It used to be boring, and a lot of people think so.

Feeding, programming boring and fun is actually only between the lines.

See what mentality you hold to learn, some people will find programming the world really interesting, just like the Lego building blocks, put some letter symbols through the building, into a very running program, this program can also crawl data on certain sites, such as reptiles.

Others are able to make their own favorite website, or a video site.


A friend of mine, who started studying PHP in March last year, is a good learner and has a very good job of his own.

But this guy said he wanted to make a website of his own, and I certainly wouldn't say anything, and you didn't have much money to buy one on the site, because I understood what he meant by that.

Later he like a lot of inspirational stories, made a website, but also according to their own operating ideas, relying on this site to earn a little money, although not much, but he resigned, began to start a business, the day before yesterday heard that he got the first round of investment, it is really enviable.

His learning cycle is not short, about a year, but the valuable thing is that he can persevere, rather than like many people, half-way through.

It's just an episode, and suddenly I think of my friend, feeling it, and sharing his story with you.

But there's a very important way to learn programming in his story: Be sure to learn programming with the idea of making "something."

This gadget can be a website, a small program, or a simple game, but you must report that you want to create "something", so that your learning efficiency must be more than half the effort.

Is programming boring? D efinitely not! If you don't believe it, you try it, create something yourself, and when you do it, that sense of joy and achievement is unparalleled.

Choose a language:

Many people will say, this is difficult, see which money earns more, which is good to learn, choose which.

It is because of this that many people, in learning programming, have difficulties, and finally give up.

Because programming languages have their own personality, choose a programming language that suits you, feel like you're looking for a partner who has a good heart.

A good partner can make your job more efficient with less effort.

An agency once conducted a survey on whether programming languages affect a person's personality, but the results surprised them because the opposite was the case, and a person's personality determined which programming language he chose.

So how do you choose a programming language that suits you?

There are two ways:

Method 1:

Understand all the programming languages, the current mainstream programming language about a dozen, small partners can go to w3cschool above the free tutorial, the basis of each mainstream language are slightly read, and then choose a favorite.

However, many people have reported that this method is inefficient and often does not understand, then there is a way anyone can try.

That's the second way I'm going to talk about it.

Method two:

Solve this problem with a simple test question, which is to test which programming language you are suitable for according to your personality.

The testing process is very simple, scan the QR code below, enter the w3cschool WeChat small programmer, do a few questions.

The system will be based on your choice, to tell you which language is suitable, try it, this method I think is quite reliable.

Activity Test which programming language you are suitable for! 3

Also, remember, it's not all started yet, and when you start opening a programming language manual, or a real-world programming exercise, or a programming microsyscope, it's your first soul contact with your "godly programming language."