XLink and XPointer tutorials

May 28, 2021 09:00 XLink

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XLink and XPointer tutorials

XLink is an abbreviation for XML Linking Language.

XLink defines the standard way to create hyperlinks in XML documents.

XPointer is an abbreviation for XML Pointer Language.

XPointer allows these hyperlinks to point to more specific parts (pieces) in the XML document.

The list of contents

Introduction to XLink and XPointer

This chapter explains the concepts of XLink and XPointer.

XLink and XPointer syntax
XLink and XPointer syntax.

XLink instance
An instance that uses XLink in an XML document.

XPointer instance
An instance that uses XLink and XPointer in an XML document.

XLink summary
This article includes a summary of what you learned in this tutorial and what we recommend to you next.

XLink reference manual
XLink Property Reference Manual.

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