AngularJS tutorial

May 07, 2021 23:00 AngularJS

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AngularJS tutorial

AngularJS tutorial

AngularJS is an excellent front-end JS framework.

AngularJS extends HTML with new properties and expressions.

AngularJS can build a single page application (SPAs: Single Page Applications).

AngularJS is easy to learn.

Start learning AngularJS now!

Each chapter has an example

In each chapter, you can edit the instance online and click the button to see the results.

AngularJS instance

<!DOCTYPE html>


<div ng-app="">
<p>姓名:<input type="text" ng-model="name"></p>
<p ng-bind="name"></p>

<script src="//"></script>


Try it out . . .

What you need to know before you read this tutorial:

Before you start learning AngularJS, you need to have the following basics:

AngularJS History

AngularJS is a relatively new technology, and version 1.0 was released in 2012.

AngularJS has been developed since 2009 by Google employee Miško Hevery.

This is a very good idea, the project is currently officially supported by Google, and a full-time development team continues to develop and maintain the library.

AngularJS instance

This tutorial contains a large number of AngularJS instances!

AngularJS instance

AngularJS reference manual

The reference manual contains all the instructions and filters used in this tutorial.

AngularJS reference manual