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Why learn python? (version 2)

May 29, 2021 Article blog

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Python's fire is no accident, it has all sorts of powerful features, and this article tells you why you should learn python.


Python has a built-in library and a powerful third-party library that glows and heats up in almost any area, not only for programmers, but also for us in life.

Game development

Believe that everyone likes to play games, then do you want to develop a game of your own? With your own code rules to blow up the boss inside, you can do it as long as you get Python.

Automate testing

If you're a tester and you're not satisfied with someone else's test tool, you can make wheels with Python if you want to add something, and although Python has a lot of related libraries of its own, interface testing is also so easy.

Scientific calculations

Why is a computer called a computer? Because it is specifically designed for computation, we can use Python for a lot of scientific calculations.

Artificial intelligence and big data

Python is the language of choice for artificial intelligence, the future development of artificial intelligence must be a trend, learn Python is to learn artificial intelligence.

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