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Use the XML authenticator to syntax check the XML file

May 27, 2021 XML

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XML validator

Use our XML validator to syntax check your XML files.

XML errors will terminate your program

Errors in XML documentation terminate your XML application.

The XML specification for W3C states that if there is an error in the XML document, the program should not continue to process the document. T he reason is that XML software should be lightweight, fast, and compatible.

If you use HTML, it is possible to create a document that contains a large number of errors (for example, if you forget the end tag). One of the main reasons is that HTML browsers are rather bloated and poorly compatible, and they have their own way of determining what the document should look like when an error is found.

This should not be the case when using XML.

Check your XML syntax

To help you syntax check XML, we created an XML validator.

Paste your XML into the text box below, and then click the "Verify" button for syntax checking.

Examples of syntax correctness:

Example of a syntax error:

Note: Only check that your XML is "in good form." If you want to validate XML based on DTD, see the last paragraph on this page.

Validate the XML based on the DTD

If you're running Internet Explorer, you can verify your XML against DTD in the text area below.

Simply add the DOCTYPE declaration (with DTD) to your XML and click the "Verify" button: