HTML character entities

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HTML character entities

Reserved characters in HTML must be replaced with character entities.

Some characters that cannot be found on the keyboard can also be replaced with character entities.

HTML entity

In HTML, some characters are reserved. You cannot use text that contains these characters.

You can't use smaller than and greater in HTML because browsers mistakenly think they're labels.

If we want to display reserved characters correctly, we must use character entities in HTML source code. Character entities look something like this:



To display less than the sign, we must write this: /b10>or samp;#60; /b11>or samp;#060;

HTML character entities Tip: The advantage of using entity names instead of numbers is that names are easy to remember. The downsoeon, however, is that browsers may not support all entity names (but support for entity numbers is good).

Uninterrupted Spaces (Non-Breaking Space)

Common character entities in HTML are uninterrupted spaces .

The browser always truncated spaces in HTML pages. I f you write 10 spaces in text, the browser deletes 9 of them before displaying the page. T o increase the number of spaces on the page, you'll need to use the The character entity.

Combine notes

The pronunciation symbol is a "glyph" that is added to the letter.

Some donics, such as sharp notes (̀) and vertips (́).

A donic symbol can appear above and below a letter, or inside a letter, or between two letters.

Tics can be used in combination with letters and numeric characters.

Here are some examples:

音标符 字符 Construct 输出结果
̀ a
́ a
̂ a â
̃ a ã
̀ O Ò
́ O Ó
̂ O Ô
̃ O Õ

HTML character entities

HTML character entities

Entity names are case sensitive!

The results are displayed Describe The name of the entity The entity number
< Less than the number &lt; &#60;
> Greater than the number &gt; &#62;
& and number &amp; &#38;
" Quotes &quot; &#34;
' Apostrophe &apos; (IE does not support) &#39;
points &cent; &#162;
£ Pounds &pound; &#163;
¥ RMB/JPY &yen; &#165;
Euro &euro; &#8364;
§ Section &sect; &#167;
© Copyright &copy; &#169;
® Registered trademarks &reg; &#174;
Trademark &trade; &#8482;
× Multiplier &times; &#215;
÷ Divide the sign &divide; &#247;

View the full HTML entity of this site: Click on the HTML entity reference manual.