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How to parse xml files in python using beautifulsoup?

Asked by Lexie Hebert on Nov 30, 2021 XML

The code sample above imports BeautifulSoup, then it reads the XML file like a regular file. After that, it passes the content into the imported BeautifulSoup library as well as the parser of choice. You’ll notice that the code doesn’t import lxml.
The BeautifulSoup is the main class for doing work. with open('index.html', 'r') as f: contents = We open the index.html file and read its contents with the read method. soup = BeautifulSoup(contents, 'lxml') A BeautifulSoup object is created; the HTML data is passed to the constructor. The second option specifies the parser.
Similarly, bs4: Beautiful Soup is a Python library for pulling data out of HTML and XML files. It can be installed using the below command: pip install bs4 lxml: It is a Python library that allows us to handle XML and HTML files.
In this manner,
Finding the required Tags. Extracting data from after identifying the Tags. When it comes to web scraping with Python, BeautifulSoup the most commonly used library. The recommended way of parsing XML files using BeautifulSoup is to use Python’s lxml parser. You can install both libraries using the pip installation tool.
BeautifulSoup is meant to handle unwell-formed code like hacked up HTML, whereas XML is well-formed and meant to be read by an XML library. Update: some of my recent reading here suggests lxml as a library built on and enhancing the standard ElementTree.