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How to run cmd shell from cmd.exe?

Asked by Brooklyn Henry on Nov 30, 2021 Shell - An example of programming

The environment Variable %CmdCmdLine% will expand into the original command line passed to CMD.EXE Echo %CmdCmdLine% | findstr /c:" /c " >nul && Echo Started with a double click. To run a PowerShell script from the CMD shell:
In this manner,
Running CMD commands in PowerShell. PowerShell by default does not support the native cmd.exe command such as „dir“. Instead, it uses historic aliases called “dir” to point you to the closest PowerShell cmdlet: This explains why “dir” in PowerShell won’t support the switches and arguments it used to in cmd.exe and batch files, like “cmd.exe /w”.
Likewise, We will click to the Start Menu and write down the complete command. This will also show the command with the MS-DOS icon like below. This will work like previous examples. Alternatively, we can run cmd /c command from a regular command line or MS-DOS. This will open a new MS-DOS shell and run given command.
Hit ↵ Enter or ⏎ Return on your keyboard. This will navigate you into the selected file path in Command Prompt. Type start [filename.exe] into Command Prompt. This command will allow you to run a program from the selected file path. Replace [filename.exe] with your program's name.
CMD Internal- Commands that are Internal to the CMD shell. Q156276- Cmd does not support UNC names as the current directory. Powershell: You can run the CMD shell under Powershell, Exit will return you to the PS prompt. Equivalent bash command (Linux): bash - run the bash shell (also csh, ksh, sh).