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Zero-based xiaobai how to learn programming, how to start learning?

May 31, 2021 Article blog

Zero-based xiaobai how to learn programming, how to start learning? I t's a very interesting topic to be asked. W hen you hear this question, the first reaction of the editor is to find out why the other side is learning programming, which is a good starting point, know what you want, in order to work hard to achieve.

 Zero-based xiaobai how to learn programming, how to start learning?1

"I want to get the ideal salary by learning programming, getting into the IT industry"

"More programming talent is needed in the future, so the job prospects for learning to program in the future are particularly good"

"Learning programming can develop the brain, foster logical thinking, and improve comprehensive capabilities"


Only by defining the goal of learning can we have practical action to put our ideals into action. P rogramming learning isn't that hard!

 Zero-based xiaobai how to learn programming, how to start learning?2

1, choose a programming language

Learning programming naturally starts with choosing a programming language as the entry point. L anguage is a tool, before you choose a tool you have to be clear about what you do, and then find what language is suitable to do. E xamples include back-end programming Java, Python, front-end applied HTML5, UI, server, system, and underlying driver c/C.

2, choose a good language do not tangle version problems

Second choice to learn a language do not tangle to learn what version, learn the latest on the line, do not always care about what compatibility issues. N ewcomers to the threshold will not reach the level of digging holes in the version for a long time. A nd basically as a newcomer from the beginning to learn how to start to do products how to take a year or two, then this version is now stable mainstream version.

3, first fix the grammar

You don't have to learn boring computer composition principles, design patterns, etc. in the first half. L earn the language first, do not have to study history ah, advantages ah, difference ah, directly learn grammar. N ever mind that much, do something visible first. K nock code, keep knocking code, feel the feeling of controlling your computer. I n this way, you can make yourself feel cool and inspire enthusiasm as you learn and your little buddies.

It may be more efficient to learn a language and look back at history and compare it, look at the theories of the masters, and gradually expand more knowledge.

4, good at finding resources

According to their enthusiasm and progress, you can find some learning resources. T he w3cschool programming lion is encouraged to start by typing directly into the code and skipping other knowledge for a while. B ut learn to surf the Internet scientifically before you learn programming.

But there is also a very important point, although the network learning resources a large number of article video what, but do not see want to learn, you need a gradual process of circulation, not you at this stage do not want to touch! A void getting started to getting into the earth! T his small editor met a lot of small partners to reflect to me: "Why do I feel that I learned so messy, in the end or do not understand anything"! T hat's the truth.

Finally, I wish you can become an excellent programmer as soon as possible! Shun to bring you recommend a web front-end development learning route, like the small partner can refer to the !!!

Small editor here recommended a few zero-based programming courses, interested little partners can see Oh!

html Rookie tutorial

css Zero Basic Tutorial

Little White Front End: HTML Zero Basics Getting Started

Little White Front End: JavaScript Getting Started to Advanced

python3 rookie tutorial

Follow me and take you around the code world!

 Zero-based xiaobai how to learn programming, how to start learning?3