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Why learn python?

May 29, 2021 Article blog

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I'm sure a lot of beginners have heard that Python is very hot, but mostly don't know why they should learn Python.

Write it down and let's talk about why we should learn Python

First, from the language leaderboard

Python has become increasingly popular in recent years, rising from sixth place last year to third place in the TIOBE Programming Language Index:

 Why learn python?1

Second, Python is simple, beautiful and powerful

Python's syntax is similar to English, and instead of using the braces of C++ or JAVA to distinguish between method bodies or classes, it uses forced indentation to represent methods and classes. T he style unity is beautiful, and Python has a lot of efficient libraries built in. L et's make an analogy, the same work C language requires 1000 lines, Java needs 100 lines, and Python only needs 10 lines. And Web development, automated test operations, reptiles, big data processing, artificial intelligence can all be applied.

Third, cross-platform

Popular Java, C, and C can all be cross-platform and open source, as can Python, which also supports portability. You can run Python anytime, anywhere, which means that the code you write in window can run easily on Linux and Mac.

Fourth, the hot community

Python has a well-known community and is popular, so students can go to Python's official website or search for posts about Python on github. A lot of open source libraries that you don't know are being developed, and versions are iterative.

Five, big companies are using it

Well-known foreign companies Google, Facebook, YouTube and nasa, the domestic pods are also written by Python.

That's what the editor-in-chief did for you. Why learn python? the whole content.