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Why is python called a reptile? What can it be used for?

May 31, 2021 Article blog

A web crawler can be understood as a spider crawling on the Internet, and the Internet is like a big web, reptiles can crawl around this big web, if they encounter their favorite prey (resources) will be crawled down. S ome of the less common names are ants, auto-indexes, simulators, or worms, so why is python called a reptile? What can it be used for?

Why do you call python a reptile?

As a programming language, Python is purely free software that is popular with programmers for its concise and clear syntax and the indentation of statements using blank characters. T o give an example: to complete a task, the c language will write a total of 1000 lines of code, java will write 100 lines, and python will only need to write 20 lines of code. With python to complete programming tasks, you write less code, more concise and readable code, read other people's code faster when a team is developing, develop more efficiently, and make your work more efficient.

This is a programming language ideal for developing web crawlers, and Python's interface for crawling web documents is simpler than other static programming languages; C ompared to other dynamic scripting languages, Python's ullib2 package provides a more complete API for accessing web documents. In addition, python has excellent third-party packages for efficient web crawling and the possible label filtering of web pages with minimal code.

The composition of the python reptile is shown below:

 Why is python called a reptile? What can it be used for?1

1. URL Manager: Manage the url collection to be crawled and the url collection to be crawled, transfer the url to be crawled to the web downloader;

2. Web downloader: crawl the corresponding page of the url, store it as a string, transfer to the web page parser;

3. Web Parser: Parse valuable data, store it, and add url to URL manager.

What can python do?

 Why is python called a reptile? What can it be used for?2

1, artificial intelligence

Now the artificial intelligence is very hot, all kinds of training courses are crazy advertising enrollment. Machine learning, especially the now-hot deep learning, has a tool framework that mostly provides the Python interface.

Python has a strong reputation in the field of scientific computing, with its simple and clear syntax and rich computing tools, which are popular with developers in this field. To put it bluntly, Python is rich in easy-to-learn frameworks.

2, data analysis

Generally we use reptiles to climb a large amount of data, we need to process data for analysis, otherwise the reptiles crawl in vain, our ultimate goal is to analyze the data, in this regard, the data analysis of the library is also very rich, a variety of graphical analysis charts can be made.

It's also very convenient, where a visual library like Seaborn can plot data in just one or two rows, while Pandas and numpy, scipy can simply filter large amounts of data, regression, and so on. In subsequent complex calculations, docking machine learning-related algorithms, or providing Web access interfaces, or implementing remote calling interfaces, is very simple.

3, web application development

At home, bean petals from the beginning of the use of Python as the basic language of web development, know that the entire architecture is also based on Python language, which makes web development this piece of development in the country is very good.

The above is a brief introduction to why python is called a reptile, what it can be used to do, if you are a little white, want to learn the basics of python getting started, recommend you read the following articles

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