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When Jack Ma waited downstairs for 2 hours, Sun said I only gave you 6 minutes

Jun 02, 2021 Article blog

Every big man's success has to go through a setback. J ack Ma is very beautiful now, everywhere is crowded. B ut that year, When Jack Ma Looked For Sun Justice To Raise Money. D ownstairs in Sun's justice, Jack Ma waited for two hours. And Ma Yun waited so long, Sun said only give him 6 minutes.

 When Jack Ma waited downstairs for 2 hours, Sun said I only gave you 6 minutes1

Wu Ying is the chairman of The China Zejia league investment fund, and he has a great relationship with Ma Yun. I n an interview, Wu said that when Jack Ma was looking for Sun's just financing, He waited downstairs for two hours. A nd Sun's reply to Jack Ma is: I only give you 6 minutes, you talk about the business model. I t was these six minutes that Sun decided to invest in Jack Ma. And Sun Justice invested in Jack Ma because he felt that Jack Ma is very down-to-earth.

At the time, Mr. Ma and his rival Zeng Qiang, a founding partner of Beijing Xingen Investment Management Co., Ltd., worked together for Sun's just financing. A t that time, Zeng Qiang opened the e-commerce platform, both in size and scale, are larger than Alibaba. H owever, Sun Justice still invested in Jack Ma, another did not get Sun Justice's investment. At the time, he had asked for $600m in financing, but Mr Ma only asked for $20m.

 When Jack Ma waited downstairs for 2 hours, Sun said I only gave you 6 minutes2

Some netizens said sun just investment Jack Ma, this is called picking up leaks, also called low-cost investment, to obtain high returns. T his netizen felt that this has nothing to do with the positive. T here are netizens feel that this is because Sun just felt that zeng strong asking price is too high, and Ma Yun as long as 20 million dollars. S un just wants to play, even if it doesn't work. But whatever the reason, Sun's vision of justice is really good.

In fact, when Jack Ma looked for financing, he went to find a lot of people, hoping that they could invest, such as Ma Huateng, Lei Jun, Xue Barbarian, male pigeons, Feng Lun and so on. A nd these people, either feel that Jack Ma's appearance is too sloppy, unwilling to invest. Either I'm not interested in Jack Ma's project and I don't think the investment will pay off.

 When Jack Ma waited downstairs for 2 hours, Sun said I only gave you 6 minutes3

Like Lei Jun, he invests in several principles, that is, do not invest in unfamiliar projects, for the unfamiliar people, he does not invest. F rom the current Xiaomi model can also be seen, Lei Jun's character is quite cautious. X iaomi has no offline brick-and-mortar stores, no factories, and no inventory. And the above, greatly reduce the risk of physical manufacturers.

At that time, Lei Jun was not familiar with Jack Ma's e-commerce project and was not optimistic. N ot only that, but Lei Jun is not familiar with Jack Ma. L ei Jun felt that Jack Ma's head looked like a MLM. L ei Jun felt that Jack Ma said the project is very big, a look is a liar. Such a liar, but also want to cheat their own money, it is a dream.

 When Jack Ma waited downstairs for 2 hours, Sun said I only gave you 6 minutes4

But even without Lei Jun's investment, Mr Ma has found investor Sun Justice. I t is because of Sun's righteous volunteer that Alibaba has achieved what it has achieved today. A nd many years later, do not know whether it is to report that year Lei Jun did not invest in their own hatred. Ma Yun spent $650 million to invest in Meizu, you know Meizu is Xiaomi's powerful rival.

In fact, more than Jack Ma, such as Ma Huateng, Shi Yuzhu, Ren Zhengfei and other entrepreneurial process are full of heartache. L ike Shi Yuzhu, some people say he is the most successful loser. S hi Yuzhu was in debt of 250 million yuan that year, but then "come back from the dead", worth 50 billion. So don't look down on any entrepreneurs, maybe they won't succeed today, but tomorrow, maybe they'll be at the top of the world.