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What skills does a good web front-end engineer need?

May 31, 2021 Article blog

The rapid development of the Internet industry has prompted everyone to the website page user experience requirements are getting higher and higher, resulting in the site development is more and more difficult, the web front-end engineer has become a incense, the company enterprise urgently needs the web front-end engineer talent. Web engineer position although the demand is high, salary is also high, but the job skills requirements are also very high, then as a good web front-end engineer need to have what skills?

 What skills does a good web front-end engineer need?1

Web front-end development involves mainly the structure, behavior and performance in the W3C standard, so we need to master five core skills in these three;

1. Develop the language

HTML has been around for more than two decades, and with multiple version updates, the advent of HTML5 and CSS3 is another innovation. S ome people think that the front-end development to master the skills of simple, is not to make web pages, in fact, the web front-end needs to master the core language xHTML, CSS and JavaScript, JavaScript as one of the most difficult languages, many programming experts do not dare to self-proclaimed proficiency. D ue to the differences between JavaScript and html, there are some benefits of static dynamic separation. W riting static and dynamic effects in large companies is often done separately by different people. S mall companies because of the need to reduce costs, it requires everyone will be more the better, if you want to project manager development, can understand one or two back-office language, is definitely the icing on the cake!

2. Browser compatibility

The internet current mainstream browsers are IE6, 7, 8, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, travel, including the domestic mainstream Sogou, Tencent TT, 360, the World and so on; I believe dozens of them must be there.

The analysis of code for each kernel is not exactly the same, and even the same kernel can vary greatly, such as IE and IE in the travel version.

Not to mention non-mainstream browsers, on the mainstream browser to be fully compatible, it is not easy, need a long time of accumulation and testing, need front-end development engineers on the front-end development of love and passion.

At present, the development trend of mobile Internet can not be underestimated, will slowly occupy the main share of the Internet. T he most prominent benefits of the mobile Internet is convenient and timely, imagine, walking in a certain place scenery is very good, after shooting to share with friends, so browser compatibility on the phone is also urgent, now the browser on the phone is also complex, mainstream UWEB, safari, IE, 3G portal, as well as symbian low-end machine "disabled children", including foreign popular mobile phone we do not know some browsers, worse because of these browsers , each browser gets a completely different result.

3.hack technology

Because different browsers have different understanding of CSS resolution, it will lead to different resulting page effects, this time you need to write different CSS for different browsers, this process is called CSS hack. A lthough we write code according to the standard, do not write hack code, but in practice in order to be compatible with mainstream browsers, hack code is inevitable, so this should also be every front-end developer must have the skills.

4. Industry standards

At present, the most mentioned in Web front-end development is the W3C standard, which is a collection of standards, representing the direction of Internet development, but also represents a belief in front-end development. T he code written must be 100% certified by the standard, proud to pass the standard verification, will effectively promote the rapid development of the Internet.

5. Develop tools

Currently more popular is Dramweaver, which was once popular, and has not yet exited the historical stage, proving that DW still has a great advantage, especially for beginners, its powerful prompt function can help us quickly familiar with and master the layout of the web page, but now more advocated is pure handwritten code, not only reflects the skill excellence, but also effectively avoid the use of DW and other tools generated redundant code. I n addition, master some photoshop skills, even without art, can simply process some images.


Web front-end engineers need is a delicate mind, need to understand beauty, need to pursue perfection, need to have taste, thinking, have a big picture, it is best to understand some psychology. If you want to learn the web front end, or have begun to learn the front end, but the direction has not been determined, it is recommended that you still understand the situation of the industry, with some front-end bulls to discuss or first participate in some free web front-end courses, to see if it is suitable for you to really feel that you really want to enter this line.

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