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What language is PHP? What can I do to learn php?

May 31, 2021 Article blog

What is PHP?

PHP, Hypertext Preprocessor, Chinese hypertext preprocessor, is a common open source scripting language, a software development language that enables scripting languages embedded in HTML documents on the web server side. The language not only absorbs the characteristics of C language, Per, java, learning is very convenient, also widely used, mainly used in the field of web development.

PHP has a wide range of applications, with about 60% of Internet sites worldwide using php technology, compared with 80% in China. PHP language is widely used and in the trend of big data and cloud computing, all programs and devices need to be connected to the Internet, all will appear whether it is international giants or domestic big curry, so many Internet companies use PHP language to develop websites.

 What language is PHP? What can I do to learn php?1

What are the advantages of PHP?

Web development in the php language has several advantages:

1, security: php is recognized as a strong security language.

2, support a wide range of databases: php almost support a variety of popular and non-popular databases.

3, cross-platform features: php can be said to activate all operating system platforms are supported, including apache, IIS and so on to do a web server.

4, fast execution: php takes up less system resources, code execution speed.

5, easy to learn: php embedded in the html language, script-based, has a wealth of functions, simple language, easy to write, easy to learn and master.

6, support object-oriented and process: support object-oriented and process-oriented two styles of development, and can be down-compatible.

7, modular: can achieve the separation of program logic and user interface.

8, embedded zend acceleration engine, stable performance acceleration.

What can PHP do?

1, web development

Web development is to build a website, it can be divided into page parts, logical parts, these two parts are what we say the front desk background, the front desk is mainly responsible for interaction with users, display data, background data processing, is the use of php, c language, c, java and other languages to deal with, with more is php.

2, mobile development

Mobile phones have a lot of applications, and these applications are more or less the need to interact with the server data, php is as their "server-side interface", mobile side through the http protocol and php interface interaction.

3, H5 and other third-party application development

The most common are the various small activities and games that are opened on WeChat, they are web-based HTML5 applications, and PHP can still be used as their background development language. ( Recommended related reading: What language is the program developed in?) How long the cycle is generally )

4, enterprise-level development

Enterprise-level development is mainly aimed at the development of enterprise-level applications


Here's an introduction to what php is and what you can do to learn php. If you want to engage in such an industry, then study hard, php is a high-paying industry, the gap in business demand is also very large, the prospect is very good, identify, study hard.