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What is linux? Why should we study?

May 29, 2021 Article blog

When we study computer knowledge, we often hear the word Linux, and many schools offer Linux courses. S o what is Linux? What are we going to learn from it?

What is linux?

Linux is a computer operating system that, like our common Windows and mac OS X, is an operating system that can run on a computer. L inux is less commonly used than commonly used Windows and Mac os systems. However, Linux is also ubiquitous in our lives, such as home routers, bank ATMs, as well as some smartwatches, TVs, etc. are based on Linux system Android systems.

 What is linux? Why should we study?1

The benefits of Linux

  • Stable and reliable

Because of its stability and reliability, many companies around the world use Linux systems for back servers.

  • safe

Linux systems are also commonly used for companies or enterprises that require higher information security requirements. Because Windows systems are vulnerable to hackers and viruses

Why learn about Linux systems

  • Learning Linux systems provides a deeper understanding of your computer's operating system, composition principles, network foundation, and more. This knowledge is important for a person who wants to work in development programming.
  • At present, many servers are running Linux system, familiar with linux system for people who want to engage in operations and maintenance work, only master Linux system knowledge, in order to carry out normal operation and maintenance work.
  • Using the Linux operating system is more secure in terms of information security and processing big data.
  • Now in the industrial manufacturing industry, artificial intelligence such as smart TVs, home appliances and other devices are equipped with Linux systems.
That's what Linux is and why we're learning all about Linux. For more linux learning, follow

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