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What can I do to learn linux?

May 29, 2021 Article blog

There are a lot of students who want to learn Linux, but it's not clear what they can do to learn Linux. So what can this article w3cschool do to introduce you to learning Linux?

Linux Operations Engineer

Operations engineers are now a hot job in the Internet industry, and every Internet company needs to have staff dedicated to project operations. Mainly on the development of the project to run maintenance, early detection of problems.

Linux Senior Architect

Be able to provide appropriate solutions and execute them according to the problems and needs of the development project. C an also check the hidden dangers in advance to find problems, according to the problem to give a plan. In addition to having excellent technical reserves, the post also has certain requirements for communication skills and execution capabilities.

Operations development engineer

Operations development engineers need to master the basics of Linux and common open source software service clusters to develop automated, intelligent, speed-up, fast maintenance capabilities, and reduce the occurrence of operational failures.

database administrator

Many companies in the recruitment of database administrators in addition to the need to master MySQL, MongoDB, Redis and other technologies, but also need to have a certain Linux foundation and basic services. The talents of both are very popular in the job market.

cloud computing

Because big data and artificial intelligence are used in cloud computing, the wages of cloud computing architects are also rising, making them one of the highest-paid jobs today. But the technical requirements are also relatively high.

That's what learning Linux can do. According to the current market recruitment information, the talent gap is large, high pay, so learning Linux is still very necessary.

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