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Web quality internationalization

May 27, 2021 Site quality

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Web Quality - Internationalization

The network has no borders.

The network has no borders.

"With the Internet follows an absolute requirement to interchange data in a multiplicity of languages, which in turn utilize a bewildering number of characters."

H. Alvestrand, Internet Engineering Working Group (IETF), January 1998.

The international character set

All W3C standards (since 1996), including HTML, XHTML, and XML, define an internal character set called Unicode (ISO 10646).

All modern web browsers use this character set natively. Most documents that are transferred over the Internet do not use this Unicode character set.

That's why there must be a consistent use of character sets in communication between Internet customers (browsers) and Internet servers.

Marking the character sets that each document is using is critical to improving the quality of your site.

Always use the following meta-elements within the element:

<meta charset="x">

Replace X with the character set you use, such as ISO-8859-1, UTF-8, or UTF-16.

International date

Do not use a date format like "04-03-02".

The above dates may be expressed as 2 March 2004, or 4 March 2002 or 3 April 2002.

The international standard format defined for dates by International Standardization (ISO) is "yyyy-mm-dd", yyyy is the year, mm is the month, and dd is the day.

If you use the ISO format, most visitors will understand your date.