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Vue .js componentized

May 29, 2021 Article blog

In this organization's complex interface problem, Vue and React can be said to be very much the same: everything is a component. We can make any example into a component.

var Example = Vue.extend({
  template: '<div>{{ message }}</div>',
  data: function () {
    return {
      message: 'Hello Vue.js!'
// 将该组件注册为 <example> 标签
Vue.component('example', Example)

By componentizing, we can use it in other component templates:


Components can also set up other components and eventually form a tree structure representing the UI view, and for effective dynamic composition between components, Vue can:

  • Use props to define how external data is received and the type of data
  • Use custom events to deliver messages externally;
  • Use API to combine external dynamically incoming content with its own templates.

That's all the Vue .js componentization that the editor brings you.