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The most complete node .jsChinese learning materials in history!

Jun 02, 2021 Article blog

Node .js is a running environment for Javascript, which encapsulates the Google V8 engine. n ode .js optimized special use cases and provided alternative APIs. Based on this, today W3Cschool sister will bring you the most complete node .jsChinese learning materials finishing, I hope you like.


 The most complete node .jsChinese learning materials in history!1

This section consists mainly of node .js tutorials, misunderstood node .js, node.js code style guide, node.js C-addon writing live series, node.js command-line program development tutorials, and so on. H ands-on training can help you learn .js step by step, and there are thousands of cases. Node .js tutorials, seven-day learning nodejs, NodeJS Express cookbooks, in-depth Node .js mini-books, using React, Node.js, MongoDB, Socket.IO develop a role voting app, Node.js command-line program development tutorial, Node.js package teaching will not be included in these five tutorials, quite detailed.

2.Mysql Old Relational Database/Redis Memory Key Value Database

 The most complete node .jsChinese learning materials in history!2

This part collects resources related to Mysql's established relational database, including mysql, mysql processing a pit inside BIGINT, using the connection pool in node-mysql, mysql auto-disconnect solution, etc., which can be viewed at 123 O.M. W3Cschool Point cn.

3. Character style/tool class

 The most complete node .jsChinese learning materials in history!3

In character style resources, it is important to highlight open source's simple conversion library OpenCC supports Node .js. Open Chinese Convert is an open source project that Chinese simple conversions, with the primary goal of producing a high-quality, simple conversion thesaurus based on statistical expectations.

4. Real-time application web framework meteor/express-based real-time MVC framework Sails

 The most complete node .jsChinese learning materials in history!4

Meteor, a web development framework, has shocked many developers. B ecause this framework is so different from other frameworks. I t is a real-time web framework based on nodejs and MongoDB databases, and its front and back-end code is all developed based on JS. Not only that, but these can also be mixed together, in the development process, if html, css, js and other files are changed, then the page will be automatically updated.

5. Pomelo NetEase's web game framework/web template engine

 The most complete node .jsChinese learning materials in history!5

W3Cschool sister for everyone to select Pomelo NetEase's web game framework resources, including pomelo, Infoq in-depth shallow node.js game server development, official web wiki, very responsive official forums.

6. Most popular web framework Express/Experience Sharing

 The most complete node .jsChinese learning materials in history!6

If you're new, take a look at seven tips for Novde .js novices, including naming rather than anonymity, unquoting early, not copying code, and carefully introducing new modules.

In express, the most popular web framework, the focus is on express .jsChinese getting started with the guidebook. The main feature of the getting started manual is that it is very detailed and can be learned step by step.

7.Koa, Next Generation Node .js web framework/asynchronous process processing

 The most complete node .jsChinese learning materials in history!7

The Express development team designed the next generation of Web frameworks, which is Koa. K oa's primary purpose is to provide Web applications with a more expressive, smaller, and solid foundation. Koa offers a very elegant set of methods to make server-side development faster and more enjoyable.

Above W3Cschool sister for everyone to collect node .jsChinese materials, including documents, tutorials, experience sharing, framework and other resources. W hether it's a novice or a bull, you'll find the resources you need. Favorites are highly recommended: 123 points W3Cschool point cn.