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The difference between CSS and HTML

May 04, 2021 02:00 CSS

CSS and HTML are the core languages of front-end technology, so what are the two? W hat's the difference?

The difference between CSS and HTML

HTML (Structure)

Full name Hyper Text Markup Language (hyper text markup language), which is used to define the structure of document content


1. Code written in this language is usually executed by browser parsing

2. Hyper text: not only text, but also pictures, links, music...

3. A page is a document, and the core of a document is the content, different meanings

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CSS (layout)

Full name Cascading Style Sheets (Cascading Style Sheets)


1. Style (appearance) used to define HTML documents

2. The basis of page performance, you can control the layout, control the rendering of elements

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In general, it's a sentence: HTML is the structure of a Web page, and CSS is the style of a Web page. For example, if you compare an entire page to a person, HTML is the bone, and CSS is the dress.

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