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The best way to learn for Android developers!

Jun 02, 2021 Article blog

In recent years, as the mobile intelligence industry continues to evolve, IOS and Android are two types of operating system talent need unprecedented exuberance. A ccording to relevant data and data, Android's market share is currently about 72.4%. T he programming industry is obsolete quickly, and if you don't learn Android development, it's possible that the next one will be you. So how to learn Android by yourself, there are netizens sharing the following Android development roadmap.

 The best way to learn for Android developers!1

This route map is said to be zero-based to getting started, to the beginning of the road map. P rimary Android development only needs to be practical and useful. And proficiency is fine.

The roadmap above is just the direction of Android developers to learn, the following W3Cschool sister-in-law for everyone to collect and organize the self-taught Android resources. Books like Android development needs, some open source libraries for Android development needs, Android development tutorials, etc., have been collected for everyone, or free.

1. Android Development Books

 The best way to learn for Android developers!2

To learn Android, you can't choose to report to a training course, you can choose to watch videos, you can also ask for a master. But having a good Android development book in your hand can often do more with less.

2. Android develops some open source libraries that must be known

 The best way to learn for Android developers!3

Now, Android development is maturing. D uring Android development, you choose an open source library that depends on the APP. B ut no matter how many Android development tools appear, the importance of open source libraries is self-evident. T he W3Cschool sister-in-law has developed an open source library for Everyone's selection of Android, including Volley, ActiveAndroid, ActiveAndroid-Android lightweight ORM framework, etc., so you can visit if needed.

3. Android compatible library

 The best way to learn for Android developers!4

There are many Android-compatible libraries, and the common W3Cschool sister-in-law has collected them for everyone, including Action BarSherlock, ActionBar, Nine CompactOld Android, Android Support V4, Navigation Drawer, and more.

4. Go over the wall/tutorial

 The best way to learn for Android developers!5

Android development requires a lot of resources, and the W3Cschool sister-in-law has selected a few wall-turning tools for everyone. In addition, we also selected the basic tutorials, including the tutorial Google Android official tutorial, Android tutorial, Android video learning recommendations, parsing Android architectural design principles and so on.

5. Android Foundation

 The best way to learn for Android developers!6

Android basics, mainly Android four basic components introduction and lifecycle, ListView basic use and optimization, Android system for Activeity standard Internet, Android screen adaptation, Android SQLite application details, Android Fragment full resolution and so on. E ach piece of basic knowledge, there is a very detailed introduction, you can go to to see.

6. Development environment

 The best way to learn for Android developers!7

As we all know, before Android was developed, the first step was to build the environment. The information, software, tutorials needed to develop the environment, W3Cschool sister-in-law are organized for everyone.

7. Android Intermediate

 The best way to learn for Android developers!8

Once the resources above are familiar, you will move on to the Android Development Intermediate phase. Android development is intermediate and needs to know about the lifecycle of Android applications, Android layout optimization, android service full resolution, and more.

8. Android Design/Advanced/Open Source Projects

 The best way to learn for Android developers!9

In order for developers to quickly understand some of the current popular Android open source libraries, the W3Cschool sister-in-law has selected GitHub's top 100 Android projects, Android Personalized Controls (View) open source projects, and more.

Android development, from getting started to mastering, is an ongoing learning process. A bove W3Cschool sister for everyone to select Android development commonly used resources, I believe we all need. T his part of the resource is still being updated and favorites can be added if needed: