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TCP/IP tutorial

May 27, 2021 TCP/IP

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TCP/IP tutorial

TCP/IP is a communication protocol of the Internet, a short story of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, which translates as a transmission control protocol/Internet interconnection protocol, also known as a network communication protocol, and is the most basic protocol of the Internet, the basis of the Internet Internet, consisting of the IP protocol of the network layer and the TCP protocol of the transmission layer

TCP/IP tutorial

TCP/IP communication protocols are a description of the rules that computers must follow, and only by following these rules can computers communicate with each other.

Start learning TCP/IP!

Both browsers and servers use the TCP/IP protocol

The browser and the server use the TCP/IP protocol to link to the Internet.

The browser uses the TCP/IP protocol to enter the server, and the server uses the TCP/IP protocol to send HTML to the browser.

Your E-Mail uses the TCP/IP protocol

Your e-mail is also sent and received through the TCP/IP protocol.

The Internet address is the TCP/IP protocol

An Internet address such as "" is a TCP/IP protocol.